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The owner of the MrCad Store in London.
There's a photographic store in London, where you can buy literally everything starting from cameras, lenses, bags and millions of other things. This store is called MrCad and this post is about its owner, Mr. Alex Falk.
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Master Darkroom Printer - Roy Snell
adrian ensor Master darkroom printer and fine art photographer
This is portrait of my Friend – Adrian Ensor, darkroom master printer and fine art photographer, 2019. Adrian used this picture in his latest book ‘Adrian Ensor en los Senderos de Federico Garcia‘ I remember that day when we met in Adrian’s house, office and darkroom. I was trying to do my best. I think Adrian was not used to being photographed – he usually was on the other side of the lens! I like the result. I’ve used only 2 rolls of film for this session as atmosphere was great and I knew that I had it! A darkroom… Some time ago I wrote a post about building my new darkroom. It turned out that Adrian has gifted me the whole darkroom and not only, as a few days later he called me again, and now I have a professional lightbox of a size of a ….single bed! 🙂 You can see more of Adrian’s work on his website. Here you can watch Adrian’s work for Tate!
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portrait with cigar, smoking man
Portrait with cigar of smoking man taken in London. Portrait of colourful person with undoubtedly interesting personality.
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Marlenka’s portraits

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Marlenka’s portraits This morning we we’ve been working in the park trying to take some good portraits of Marlena despite of the wet weather. Finding good location and a light, turned out a slightly difficult task. We decided to not give up so we’ve spent some time trying to figure out where and how to make some photographs. As sun has been moving higher and higher… Marlenka’s portrait’s This portrait is my best. I like it because of Marlena’s sight. She’s so focused which makes this picture so energetic. As taking of model’s pictures or portraits isn’t easy task the one taken to the person you know very well sometimes is more difficult than that one taken of strangers.   Pictures in the park – If you’ve found them interesting feel free to share them with your friends.
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