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white Lilly, Kodak tri-x 400; darkroom print; fine art print
So, again I went into darkroom to make new prints from my darkroom.As you know, after lessons at Adrian’s workshop I’ve learned a lot of new useful ‘tricks’ which helps with obtaining good results. Of course, most important is rather this what is on the picture and not the print itself but I think I have this what’s interesting to me so I’m in good place! It is hard to scan on home scanner prints with good enough quality to show you how those look like in reality but even though, if you’re slightly more experienced than new-comer into darkroom world, you’ll catch what I’m talking about. I have definitely improved my skills I think.   Some of my new prints I’m trying to ‘modify’ by burning particular areas to obtain specific effect. Not always it is easy and I can’t say I’ve managed to obtain this what I needed. In this occasion I tried to simulate that old boat/ship is emerging from the DARKNESS, but this what I’m getting isn’t quite this what I need. See below….   I like the colour of Ilford Galerie paper and its contrast. I have learned from Adrian that having good quality water, […]
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Darkroom workshop; Adrian Ensor
Darkroom workshop with Adrian Ensor Recently my girlfriend announced me that for my birthday gift she prepared something special! Of course it didn’t take me long to pull out what’s that from her 🙂 It turned out it was a workshop with one of the greatest darkroom printers and also great photographers, I mean with Adrian Ensor here in London! You can image how happy I was. I’ve been waiting long two weeks for that day. I knew I had just 8hrs to learn as much as I can during this time. Obviously I need to prepare questions to outstanding things which no one else was able to give an answer. I thought to myself that it is great occasion to learn lots of things which I’ve never been good with.  My list consisted: Better dogging and burning How to better control contrast Flattening the final prints  And all other small details which by observation I can learn Finally that day came! We’ve arrived at agreed 10AM on Saturday 4th of August. Adrian has been waiting for us already. We drank a cup of coffee and we’ve been talking about the plan for a day, ideas and of course we were […]
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Holland Park Notting Hill, Relaxing in the park, wooden trunks – among trees will make you happy. Kyoto Garden is here! Holland Park in Notting Hill is one of the best places in this area to spend your free time. Partridge birds, pigeons and many more birds and squirrels –  all these animals you can find there along with at least a few places where you can relax reading book or drinking coffee. Many people come here to very slowly flow trough the footpaths with their kids and dogs. Some play football but a few steps away you can find charming Kyoto Garden with small sort of river. Everywhere in the Park you feel very secure as even small Police patrol is visible to avoid any problems before those occur. Really great place to come and all people know they should behave quietly. Some photos you can find below to show that not only ordinary places and things are here. Some wooden elements and animals this time 😉 So, please consider to come and more information along with Google Maps you can find here.     Relaxing in the park among trees and wooden trunks will make you happy.  You can spend nice time […]
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Marlenka’s portraits

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Marlenka’s portraits This morning we we’ve been working in the park trying to take some good portraits of Marlena despite of the wet weather. Finding good location and a light, turned out a slightly difficult task. We decided to not give up so we’ve spent some time trying to figure out where and how to make some photographs. As sun has been moving higher and higher… Marlenka’s portrait’s This portrait is my best. I like it because of Marlena’s sight. She’s so focused which makes this picture so energetic. As taking of model’s pictures or portraits isn’t easy task the one taken to the person you know very well sometimes is more difficult than that one taken of strangers.   Pictures in the park – If you’ve found them interesting feel free to share them with your friends.
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26 March – Boat Race Today took place Cancer Research Boat Race where Cambridge vs Oxford universities tried to compete. To be honest, weather was at least tricky. There was sunny but 15 minutes later it started to rain. The audience was great. Most of the people I met supported Cambridge… The race has been started in 1829 and 1927 (men & women respectively) and is one of the oldest sports competitions in the world. Seen from bridges and both sides of the river Thames….and by millions via television transmission. The results: Men race – today Cambridge win! Oxford 79 – Cambridge 82   Women Race – Today Oxford win! Oxford 30 – Cambridge 41 26 March – Chelsea Fire Station This is Chelsea Fire Station brigade location. This is their office. Great looking building and surrounding building makes this place very special from visual point of view. 26 March – Blurry man Today is blurry and rather grey day so this colour picture will describe a bit who weather looks like and we fell. 21 March – Pictures of protest in the front of the Russian embassy in London …against Russian court verdict which charged Nadiya Savchenko – charged over the […]
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