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MrCad – the photographic store in London

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Mr. Alex Falk in his store in London.
The owner of the MrCad Store in London.

There’s a photographic store in London, where you can buy literally everything starting from cameras, lenses, bags and millions of other things. This store is called MrCad and this post is about its owner, Mr. Alex…

A conversation….

I’m visiting the MrCad’s store quite frequently and most of the times, I’m chatting with its owner, Mr. Alex. He is such a lovely guy! He’s been in this business for decades. He knows the photographic market like no one else. Whenever I go there, I always look around to check what new has just arrived. There’s always something worth buying. It can be a new lens or camera, or again a new Rodenstock APO enlarger lens! Indeed, it is hard to leave this place without purchasing new ‘toys’ – in my case mostly for my darkroom 🙂

A portrait

We had some conversations with Mr. Alex when I visited his store. Because I’m working on a long project about darkroom printers and analogue photographic live in the UK, I’ve asked Mr. Alex if he would agree if I took a portrait of him, and he agreed!

We have met a few weeks later in the store. I have shoot a few rolls of HP5 and I’ve developed them in DK-50. The light there was really bad and I struggled with the proper exposure. The funny things is, that despite this store is full all sorts of photographic equipment like….. studio lights, it didn’t even for a second cross my mind to use a single one of them 😀 … and I continued to struggle with a low light conditions… 😀

Those pictures are opening this post – right here.

Some aside related notes….

A small darkroom sink – Richards of Hull

Some years ago I have bought a small darkroom sink from MrCad as an additional sink to my darkroom. This is a very good idea to have an additional sink if you’re taking darkroom printing seriously. It helps with processing prints, especially when you’re printing large formats.

Believe me or not, this sink actually fits perfectly into….Mini cabrio 😀 …. and even I have closed the roof!
This is the one I bought from there, and it is currently for sale!

Richards of Hull darkroom sink for sale

If you’re looking for a larger sink – let’s say, a regular size sink, I have it also for sale. Take a look here where you can see them both – those have no legs, though.

This large sink has a good pedigree. I have it from my friend Roy Snell who is the great man and an amazing darkroom printer. He has really amazing darkroom skills.

More about Roy you can find here and on his website.

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