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Photos of Ely cathedral, Cambridgeshire
Analogue photography can get for instance a regular photos of Ely cathedral, as well as many other buildings, to completely new level. In the UK we have many of historical buildings like country houses, and among them we have many cathedrals which deserve recording. A picture of a cathedral Initially the cathedral looked like a typical black and white picture. However, some type of photography – especially old buildings, require a special touch. In this case toning brings up a mood which this picture needs. Buildings like churches, Georgian and country houses have a really nice walls. These are often underestimated for no reason. The old type of bricks and the stone work are ageing in a very beautiful way. Toning of the picture with buildings can be a very good way to make them more interesting and reveal their hidden gems.
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A picture of a college building in Cambridge, UK.
The owner of the MrCad Store in London.
There's a photographic store in London, where you can buy literally everything starting from cameras, lenses, bags and millions of other things. This store is called MrCad and this post is about its owner, Mr. Alex Falk.
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