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holidays in Wales, pier in Clevedon
Our holidays in Wales this summer were impressively wet…though we tried to have great fun! Through the first week were raining…all the time.
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dinosaur's picture, visit in National History Museum
Visit in National History Museum is one of “do’s” each traveler must have in its CV while visiting London – http://www.nhm.ac.uk. Old these sculptures whose are older than anything you know...
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Wandering in the park is one of the good things which can happen. One day we haven’t nothing better to do so we’ve decided to go out. Due the light was good I wanted to take a picture of the place all these things started...
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chelsea fire station
Picture of Chelsea Fire Station brigade has an office on King's Road in London.
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Old church, OLD CHURCH kensington chelsea cemetery
19 March – Old church & cemetry
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Boxing training

by blurryimages· April 16, 2016· in People, Places· 0 comments
12 March – Boxer training/span> This morning I met two nice guys performing boxing training. Training in the park (Kensington Gardens) – more pictures.
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motorcycle on Oxford Street, man on bike, motorcycle, Spaniards,
  02 February – One day in London
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london pictures, pictures of london, picture of logon, pipe


by blurryimages· April 16, 2016· in Places, Streets· 0 comments
In London there are so many interesting places… There’s always something to see on the streets. One day I was in one of those small streets.
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Polish history, Polonia palace Warsaw, Polonia palace warsaw, swimming pool
August 2015 – Palace of Culture & Science The building itself is 237 meters high and is the highest Polish building. On one of the floors has a nice swimming pool and terrace with an impressive view on capital of Poland. The building was a friend’s gift from the eastern border. Not so much liked by Polish. On the top floor there’s a nice a big swimming pool.
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Holland Park Notting Hill, Relaxing in the park, wooden trunks – among trees will make you happy. Kyoto Garden is here! Holland Park in Notting Hill is one of the best places in this area to spend your free time. Partridge birds, pigeons and many more birds and squirrels –  all these animals you can find there along with at least a few places where you can relax reading book or drinking coffee. Many people come here to very slowly flow trough the footpaths with their kids and dogs. Some play football but a few steps away you can find charming Kyoto Garden with small sort of river. Everywhere in the Park you feel very secure as even small Police patrol is visible to avoid any problems before those occur. Really great place to come and all people know they should behave quietly. Some photos you can find below to show that not only ordinary places and things are here. Some wooden elements and animals this time 😉 So, please consider to come and more information along with Google Maps you can find here.     Relaxing in the park among trees and wooden trunks will make you happy.  You can spend nice time […]
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