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The darkroom gallery

The sculpture

I have photographed this sculpture in one of many country houses in the UK. It was standing in the massive garden, and was just one of many sculptures that were in that garden.

A picture of sculpture in the country house garden.

In the middle….

there’s a lady, who I believe, represents someone from that area. Unfortunately, probably I will never know who that lady was and what role she played in the society.

Here I’ve done some work in the darkroom to accentuate her role even more. I think that now she looks great, and she is now noticeable as she should be!

By choosing a cold type of developer for this print, I have saved the colour of the original sculpture. By doing some magic in the darkroom, I have accentuated what is important to me on this picture.

I’m going to print it in a 16″x16″ format and hang it on the wall, this is how much I like it!

The Monument in London

The Monument in London has been built between 1671 and 1677 to commemorate the City rebuilding after the Great Fire in 1666…

Before the Great Fire,

there were homes built on the London Bridge! Not many people know about it, and for sure it wasn’t a common practise at that time.

After the fire was extinguished, people did not build homes there anymore. That’s a shame as that would be very interesting to have them now.

This picture is a one which I like, as there’s a nice game of light a shadows. I have printed it on a Ilford warm tone paper. This has added an extra touch to its look. Keep in mind please, that this is a scan, but the actual print is very like the original.


A Photograph in Westminster Abbey

Please see here for the story…

A photograph in West Minster Abbey
A photograph taken in Westminster Abbey in London.

A lith print…

One of the most beautiful and most difficult to achieve good results at the same time are… the lith prints.

Ely Cathedral in Cambridgeshire.

The lith prints are one of the most beautiful among the black and white art photographs. Architecture, but also an abstract photography can give very good results with a lith developer.

It is very difficult to achieve a good results when printing them. It is even more difficult to print 2x the same looking pictures! The lifetime of the developer in a developing tray is around 2-3 hours. That is not the only limitation. The other one is that with each print that you’ve put through the developer, the developer changes its characteristics. It starts giving more ‘yellow-ish’ results more and more as you go.

It can be yours

The above print is a one off copy. It can be yours, please contact me for details.

Architecture Art Photography

I like to take photographs of architecture. Please see the below print which is one my most recent ones.

I have tons of them and just not all of them I have printed yet. More…

A picture of a college building in Cambridge, UK.

The shoulder…

I like to take personal pictures. These are very special to me as it allows to show something more about the photographed person.

It is a beautiful woman’s shoulder printed on Ilford Warmtone fibre paper and it’s been developed in Ilford PQ paper developer. This picture was taken in 2018.

womans portrait black and white

Haute Couture … 

I’m looking for a models, to arrange a photoshoot in an Haute Couture style. Photoshoot will take place at the arranged location, depending on the idea.

Cooperation is based on TFP rule (Time For Print).  All other options can be discussed as well.

Contact me on email: [email protected] 

The latest work…

Thank you visiting my website with my best black and white photographs. I hope you like my work.

If you would like to have one or more of my pictures on your wall, you can purchase them here (click…).

If you want particular print or size, please contact me on [email protected]

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The Gallery at Process Supplies in London

I’m very happy due the fact that I received an opportunity to present my work on a display in the best photographic store in the UK – Process Supplies 🙂

My prints will be updated regularly, so if you’ll be around, please stop for a second and enjoy at 13-25 Mount Pleasant, London, WC1X 0AR

Darkroom prints gallery in Process Supplies in London
Black and white pictures printed in darkroom at Process Supplies.
Black and white pictures printed in darkroom at Process Supplies.
These are pictures which are currently presented in London in a best photographic shop in the UK – Process Supplies.
Black and white pictures printed in darkroom at Process Supplies.
Darkroom prints at Process Supplies in London.