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Portrait of smoking man

blurryimages · November 27, 2016 · People, Portrait · 0 comments

Portait with cigar

I took a “Portrait with cigar” of man whose I met today in central London. That guy is very interesting person. We’ve exchanged a few words about his cigar and his style. Because I don’t smoke I never felt what the feeling of smoking is, so I’m not able to say anything about cigars but I suggested to take a few pictures of him. He’s busy man so we have only 30 seconds to take these pictures.

portrait with cigar, smoking man, portrait of smoking man

Portrait of smoking man, London 2016

Smoking man has an interesting style

Worn and torn jeans, lousy long sweater and big cigar in his hand makes him very colourful person. Fortunately he’s been keen to pose which isn’t very often these days, but fortunately the town is very large and it’s always possible to find someone to photograph.

As he’s very busy and he had go home, so only pictures left. I hope you like it and if so, please return here more often for new interesting photographs.


What I like is

to speak to people whose I don’t know. I’m not shy person but it’s always difficult to come over to an unknown person and start conversation, especially asking him or her  to start to pose for you. That’s most complicated thing in photography. To me it is even more complicated than light or composition which ultimately you can learn. In conversation with someone you don’t know, you have to be very truthful and make good relation. Remember, that person most likely will never meet you again and in fact, does not know what you’re going to do with taken photographs so you must be honest and always tell the truth.


portrait with cigar, portrait of smoking man

Portrait with cigar of met man in London, 2016.

If you have a feeling that you can pose…

and you would  like me to take portrait of you, then drop me an email or contact me over Facebook with your contact details. I’ll contact you and maybe we’ll be able to make a good set of portraits. Portraits in style similar to the “Portrait with cigar” can be very interesting. If you play music, preparing for your doctorate and you’re surrounded by tons of books or have other hobby, that’s perfect – we can try to capture it together.

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