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Slawek Dejneka

admin · December 23, 2014 · · 0 comments

Slawek’s work

I started from traditional photography which I continue till today. I like the red light in a darkroom, sitting in the front of enlarger. It’s difficult to say how amazing is to see each picture. The image coming out slowly in the developer bath into the red light and feeling the smell of all these chemicals…

We live in XXI century and I haven’t forgotten about digital photography. This kind of technique maybe even better than analog due to my technical background. It is a good idea to combine both techniques to reach the goal, which is good picture.

I’m trying to talk with people who are similar to me, love taking pictures. This is very important to keep good relations with your work receivers as those will judge you very strictly. I’m trying never to lie in my work so I believe it is visible in this what I did already and will do in the future. If I’m wrong, I am open for criticism and will do my best to do it better next time!

If you’ll follow me on this site I would be proud to surprise myself and I hope, yourself as well of coming portraits projects and long term materials of Scotland and west England. Would be great to share your ideas with me or simply share your thoughts about this what you can find here. Do not hesitate and reach me out over Facebook or via e-mail. I will reply to all messages.

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