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Portrait of my sister, a beautiful woman

blurryimages · April 21, 2024 · Daily life · 0 comments
Portrait of a woman holding her hair.

My sister

This is Dorota, my sister and a beautiful woman. I took this picture a few years ago when she visited me with her husband. We’ve met in London, where I lived at the time.


I have taken this one in my garden. I didn’t use any specific background or lights. This picture has been taken in the afternoon using natural light, without any additional light diffusers etc.


I like taking portraits the most… I can see and I understand what I want to achieve. It doesn’t take me long time to achieve what I want to see on the final print.

Everyone is different, and there’s no one way of taking stunning photographs. I’m trying and sometimes it goes well, sometimes I need to start again…

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