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Hyde Park speaker
Hyde Park Corner We have new year but this part of British capital is very lively, as usual. This time I’m with a man which speech is about Jesus and his role in our lives and current world. Indeed it’s hard to not agree with him and his ideas. He is very active in his approach how to persuade to others his opinions.   Please don’t think …he doesn’t know what he’s talking about! That man is every good observer and he also advised to me, what Jesus thinks about photography. Please don’t think, I’m mocking up from him but I really appreciate his open-minded approach to the surrounding world. From visual point of view, that man is interesting but also his personality makes this town very colourful. I don’t have to agree with all his opinions but I do not judge his opinions as well. That’s one and only place in the world where everyone can perform a speech about anything he/she wants.     Hyde Park Corner Speaker …is very lively man. He tries to persuade all his opinions to everyone who came to this place tempted by the gathered crowd.   Summing up, if you’re looking for […]
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