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apple, blurry images, garden tree
I’ve been pretty quiet recently. This is because of the amount of work… Hopefully soon I’ll have more time to focus on my website. Apples in the garden especially during the autumn period look so beautifully. Those changes colours and with the good light, look stunning! We keep them for birds – mainly blue birds love them so much. I for instance, I like their black spots. On the pictures spots add up something more. I see them as a part of an art, done by the nature. Actually, I’m working on a project – portraits of very interesting people. I’m not going to share details as yet, but keep your ears tuned for news. Sometime soon I’m going to publish some more pictures from my darkroom. I recently recreated darkroom in my new house, so it’s been exiting period! On the other hand it is never ending story – putting stuff, moving things, tests and then again… I want to change it back like it was before 😉 If anyone of you has an instruction for a darkroom timer Hauck TCM 80 (model with the buttons), I’ll appreciate for a link or a copy! I bought one from MrCad […]
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