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Guide of Journalism

Guide of Journalism

I want to pin here some websites which have been created to keep good standards of photojournalism. The main reason to create those rules lies in huge manipulations which often unfortunately, took place among photographers’ works. It’s a shame that such great names have decided to alter their images in a way which far exceed acceptable lever of alteration to affectionate the image.


Here are very good guides worth to follow

Handbook of Journalism from Reuters



Another good guide comes from NPPA – Guide of Ethics



Handy short description

has been published also on Petapixel website. Definitely it is worth to spend time to read and re-think our own work, to not present events and situations in a way which straightforwardly misleads our viewers and simultaneously doesn’t tell the truth.

I’m not going to present all guides as those are easily available to search on the Internet. I also try to not over-process my own pictures. That’s not easy but that is great satisfaction doing a good job!