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Fireworks Displays and Dead Walk | Alexandra Palace


Displays, Bonfire and Dead Walk Alexandra Palace are the best displays of fireworks apart of those presented during the New York Eve which are the best in UK! Below pictures shows short summary of Dead Walk in Alexandra Palace, London.

Dead Walk Alexandra Palace
Dead Walk during Fireworks in Alexandra Palace, London.

Dead Walk Alexandra Palace

The whole event during Display of fireworks are focussed around the “Dead Walk” which is pretty small but very lively and gathers lots of spectators. People are watching dancers and foggy evening express better flames and smoke which comes from flares.


Dead Walk Alexandra Palace
Part of Dead Walk in Alexandra Palace, London


Dead Walk Alexandra Palace
Woman “pretending” to be dead during Dead Walk

The gigantic skull

perfectly backlight from behind composes great during the whole event. Its colours combined with red lights which surrounds us from everywhere do the job. People like it and are spending great time with their kids despite the temperature isn’t very pleasant.


Dead Walk Alexandra Palace
Skull’s mask during Dead Walk in Alexandra Palace in London.

The musician plays

on piano which starts to fire every few words of the song he sings. That’s one of the most appreciated and most spectacular elements during the whole Dead Walk in Alexandra Palace tonight. To me that’s the best show during Dead Walk.


Dead Walk Alexandra Palace
Musician playing on piano in flames during Dead Walk in Alexandra Palace.


is the final element tonight. The fire is really big and simulates bones which are stared to fire. From the distance of 25 meters it really looks like a bones in fire though…


Dead Walk Alexandra Palace
Bonefire during Alexandra Palace’s fireworks

Dead Walk Alexandra Palace is really nice idea how to spend free evening. I will attend next time for sure and I’ll recommend you to do the same. Tickets are £12 per person.