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For a weekend to Brighton

blurryimages · August 09, 2016 · Daily life · 0 comments

Weekend in Brighton

weekend to Brighton

Terns in Brighton’s pier

I am for a long weekend in Brighton. I am welcomed by two terns which are accompanying me trough the whole staying here. Perfect weather and lack of duties makes me smile. 🙂



Fun fair on the pier…

Good weekend must be full of fun. Here for instance, on carousel which is a bit weird as those “boxes” are moving in all directions! It’s too crazy for me, really… 🙂

weekend in Brighton

Fun fair, Brighton


The main things happens on a pier!

The pier in Brighton is most important for sure. All things happens here. You can find a fun fair for instance. I have never seen such things anywhere before. We’ve been spending here great time and many people experienced the same things.

weekend in Brighton, Fun fair Brighton

Fun fair Brighton



Brighton Pier

I have a feeling apart of the beach, this is most important element in this small touristic town. The whole holiday life happens here.

weekend in Brighton, Brighton pier

Pier in Brighton – echo of pier in glass.



Motorboat visible from the pier…

weekend in Brighton, motorboat in Brighton

Motorboat visible from the pier.

…and a cow! (artificial of course)

weekend in Brighton, fun fair Brighton

Artificial Cow on Brighton’s pier


View on the beach

The town from a short distance looks nice. Many terns are flying constantly around making the view even more interesting. This is the hottest place in Britain. Travel time from London shouldn’t exceed 2hrs by train. In the car it took less than 1,5h.

weekend in Brighton, coast in Brighton, pogrobowców brighton

Coast in Brighton



weekend in Brighton, surfing in Brighton

Surfer in the water


Terns in the water

Many birds we met during our visit. Weekend in Brighton fulfils photographic expectations from this place. The only thing which I will be missing is time…

weekend in Brighton, terns in the water

Terns in the water in Brighton


Sitting on a pier

Having opened eyes I can take lots of good pictures. Some might be slightly similar to the postcards 😉 but even thoughvI like this picture.

weekend in Brighton, sitting in lawn chair

People sitting in lawn chair on a pier


Lawn chair

…and the last one from this weekend on the beach. Nothing has been posed and these kind of real material I like most.

weekend in Brighton, lawn chair on the beach

Lawn chair on the Brighton’s beach

For sure we’ll come back here many times. Due the the whole island is surrounded by the water I expect many even more interesting places.


Will keep you posted!


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