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Warmtone black and white picture

blurryimages · July 08, 2024 · Daily life, Darkroom · 0 comments

Foma Classic MG 131 black and white warmtone paper

… in combination with Ilford PQ 1+9 developer gives remarkably good results. In opposite to the Ilford’s warmtone paper, this paper is actually… warmtone. This is not a joke. Foma has a nice ivory base and if developed for 2 minutes and no more, it retains this colour.

This paper is so different than Ilford that it reacts very well with Kodak’s Selenium toner giving almost sepia look. For an untrained eye it is almost impossible to distinguish them.

Ilford Classic FB is not bad

It works very well with Dektol giving nice brownish look. When used with PQ it is almost cold paper but with warm black and white tones.

I think that Foma 131 is a very good paper to try it with Dektol or D-72 which is an unconfirmed Dektol developer (unofficially). I like how it behaves with subjects like old lime walls (churches and Victorian architecture). I like its warm grey tones in a cold-type developers.

Regarding the above picture, in my village we have a very old church – St John’s Church. It is in a condition that does not allow to carry out regular masses. It does not mean it is in a bad state, but due it’s age, it is more reasonable to treat it this way.

The church is quite often open to visitors and there’s a person who share some history about the church and ongoing works/plans.

While we were visiting the church, I have noticed a really beautiful light on the wall. Given that this church has been here for a …. 1000 years, the light on the wall was lit there for all this time… I think this gives a perspective what is important in our lives and what is not…

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