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Wandering in the park

blurryimages · April 28, 2016 · Places, Streets · 0 comments

Wandering in the park

is one of the good things which can happen. One day we haven’t nothing better to do so we’ve decided to go out. Due the light was good I wanted to take a picture of the place all these things started…cheap hotel which is very old and theoretically is conducting refurbishment in it, but I think is very likely it will be demolished. As you can see above it won’t take long until the building will collapse by itself.


We’ve decided to see what’s new in Hyde Park. Feeding pigeons was the option but they were very “active” to not say – aggressive. This was early morning which can explain this behaviour.

 pigeon, pigeons in Hyde Park

Pigeons in Hyde Park


“Indian Golden Jubilee Bench”

– this inscription has been engraved on the bench. In Hyde Park there are lots of such benches and each means something or was put there for a reason. I try to find one which has engraved a dedication from husband to his wife which passed away…

Bench, wooden bench, bench in Hyde Park

Bench in Hyde Park


In Notting Hill there’s an office building

which is constantly in offer as a office space for rent. The building is rather in poor condition and probably will take some time yet to rent it…

Office space for rent in Notting Hill

Office space for rent in Notting Hill



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