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Trip | National History Museum

blurryimages · July 25, 2016 · Events, Places · 0 comments

Visit in National History Museum

is one of “do’s” each traveler must have in its CV while visiting London – http://www.nhm.ac.uk. Going there wasn’t planned as very interesting bullet on my list however I always want to see all those collected dinosaur sculptress from around the world. As I do not consider myself as a traveller but… it’s always worth to gain some knowledge from areas I don’t feel very well…


Immediately after entrance I am welcomed by giant sculpture of an ancient dinosaur which size is literally overwhelming! It head is half-human size and its potential weight had to be enormous!

dinosaur picture, trip to National History Museum, visit in National History Museum

Dinosaur’s sculpture in National History Museum, London.

Human standing

next to dinosaur is very small and immediately I knew that if there would live today, humans wouldn’t be able to compete with them. Many their sculptures were found around the world and I like to see more of them but if this is possible?… I’ve noticed that their one leg length was much longer then middle-heigh man.


dinosaur's head, visit to National Museum, trip to National History Museum

Visitor below the dinosaur’s head.


During the trip

to National History Museum I’ve noticed, that dinosaur’s tail was more than 10 meters in length. It was used for stabilising its body movement during walk or run. Tail visible from the side is incredibly long and massive. This can be noticed while standing next to the such gigantic posture.


dinosaur's tail, visit in National History Museum

Dinosaur’s tail. National History Museum in London.

Access to those sculptures

isn’t fenced too strongly and visitors can see all details and enjoy seeing animals tail-ends which lived between 230 and 65 million years ago. Comparing to this, the human’s era is very young. We rule the Earth just for circa 200 000 years…


dinosaur's leg, visit in National History Museum

Leg of dinosaur standing in NHM London.

Dinosaurs’ skulls are very big and strong.

Those animals were able to hunt on other animals and were very good in it. Who knows how/if we would appear on the Earth if we weren’t be “supported” by the collision with the asteroid 65 millions years ago. This is not so obvious but thankfully it happened to them and not to us.

dinosaur's skull, visit in national history museum

Skull of dinosaur. NHM, London.

Visit to Natural History Museum is

a good occasion to experience things which normally I wouldn’t be able to see. Many visitors are amazed seeing old tail-ends and that’s good occasion to tense our imagination.

dinosaur's picture, visit in National History Museum, trip to National History Museum

Picture of visitors in National History Museum, London.


All of this we know today, we owe to Karol Darwin

who did a great job. All we know who that man was, and his statue which located inside the main hall, you can see below.


Karol Darwin's picture, visit in national history museum, trip to National History Museum

Karol Darwin’s statue in NHM, London.

Visit in National History Museum was a nice experience and I am happy I took those pictures which will reminds me where we are and also that we aren’t the first here…

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