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Tastes of London

blurryimages · May 10, 2016 · Daily life · 0 comments

London’s taste

means to see some not ordinary and interesting things which can be seen by a bit more sensitive people.
tastes of London, red buses

Buses waiting during London’s Marathon 2016

Red buses (double-decker) are very famous but can be very interesting as well. Those colours are similar to the colours of fire station brigade.

Communing here is the one of the most important things. Sometimes this can be a pleasure because you can finally find time to read a book. 
Sometimes it is a terrible experience as at least a few of lines have problems... This happens at least once a week.


tastes of London

Commuters in London’s tube


The walking is a different story! You can come to Holland Park where you can play chess (if you know this game!). I prefer to take some pictures 😉 Unfortunately I can’t tell you who has won below gameplay, but let’s say the better one!


tastes of London, chess game

Two youngsters plays chess in Kensington Garden, London.


There’s a Kyoto Park which I really like. There’s also lots of animals (even peacocks) which makes this place pretty interesting. Below waterfalls I took in very late evening – almost on sunshine. Longer exposition time made this picture. Perceptive eye will find there even two fishes 🙂

tastes of London, waterfalls Kyoto Park

Waterfalls in Kyoto Park, Holland Park, London.

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