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Old Cadillac, old car, black car

Old Cadillac

blurryimages · April 16, 2016 · Streets · 0 comments

05 March – Old Cadillac, building and something for cyclists

Today was very good photographic day. I have took some good (I hope) pictures and one of them you can find below. The rest of them I will put into Galleries soon. This car I’ve found in the London’s City. The car was parked behind the fence and seemed (thankfully) to be not “forgotten” which is great and I like when people use such machines on daily basis, really.

I also like different view of ordinary elements of surroundings. This time I’ve just moved my head up and bum! I saw this below….

block, tree, window

Tree and buildings. Composition made by itself.

…and last picture today – my favourite one. I like this contrast and elements combined together. If you too just share it with your friends.

Signs, street, bicycle, bike

Signs on painted on the streets.


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