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Notting Hill Carnival 2017 in London

blurryimages · August 27, 2017 · Events · 0 comments

This year, similarly as it’s being happening for many years before, another Notting Hill Carnival starts today. This event has its own long history. Despite voices that place hasn’t been chosen properly and should be moved to the different location, all actions takes place here yet. 

Notting Hill Carnival 2017 is a bit worrying to all local businesses as during celebrations many things usually happens.

Nearly every year someone is injured, some cars disappears. And it is nothing unusual during such events. Especially businesses but also people who live here, wants to feel a bit more secure. All of them tries to secure their offices, dwells and houses. Lots of Police is visible on the Notting Hill Gate street since early morning and even before – during the night yet. 

To avoid terrorist attacks, Police is closing local traffic by building very strong fences/barriers which will stop even very heavy lorries which potentially could try to ram into the crowds.

Here you can find how Notting Hill looks like now.



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