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New prints from my darkroom

admin · August 25, 2018 · Darkroom · 0 comments

So, again I went into darkroom

to make new prints from my darkroom.As you know, after lessons at Adrian’s workshop I’ve learned a lot of new useful ‘tricks’ which helps with obtaining good results. Of course, most important is rather this what is on the picture and not the print itself but I think I have this what’s interesting to me so I’m in good place! It is hard to scan on home scanner prints with good enough quality to show you how those look like in reality but even though, if you’re slightly more experienced than new-comer into darkroom world, you’ll catch what I’m talking about. I have definitely improved my skills I think.

Sunflowers on the garden table.; sunflowers; Kodak tri-x 400; fine art darkroom print; new prints

Sunflowers on the garden table. Aug. 2018


Some of my new prints I’m trying to ‘modify’ by burning particular areas to obtain specific effect. Not always it is easy and I can’t say I’ve managed to obtain this what I needed. In this occasion I tried to simulate that old boat/ship is emerging from the DARKNESS, but this what I’m getting isn’t quite this what I need. See below….


Old boat in Maryport; wooden boat; old ship; Kodak try-x 400; fine art print; darkroom print, new prints

Old boat in Maryport in north England. July 2018.

I like the colour of Ilford Galerie paper and its contrast. I have learned from Adrian that having good quality water, I don’t have bother with Kodak Photo-Flo! I caused sometimes some problems whilst prints were drying. Once are dry, on a surface were visible strange stains… It happens occasionally completely out of control so it is hard to narrow down what’s causing it. Now I know! It was Photo-Flo. I still use it with negatives though.


Next time will be better and now, enjoy seeing pictures in the below gallery – some of them have been printed earlier.

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