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Marathon|London 2016

blurryimages · May 03, 2016 · Events · 0 comments

On 24 of April ’16, Marathon in London is carrying out.

Marathon is performed every year in London. Many sportsmen participating struggling to win. The marathon itlself is very a difficult task. Only people who tried to run a longer distance are able to understand that.

Marathon in London

Runner next to the Buckingham Palace during Marathon in Britain.

Runner struggling in London's Marathon 2016

Runner in the finish line during marathon in the British capital 2016.

Runner in Marathon 2016.

Runner struggling in London’s Marathon 2016

Here is very crowdy on the streets, and many spectators tries to watch this event while lots of sportsmen do their best to win but as always, it’s a challenge.

Spectators are watching the show on the streets as the weather is pretty good. They’re gathered everywhere even sits on Victoria’s monument!

Spectators watching runners during marathon, London 2016

Spectator watching marathon live.

The number of gathered spectators is huge but no one should have a feeling being packed and all things are professionally coordinated. I would say, that even for photographers a few good places are available. The weather is nice and sun is operating beautifully trough the whole event.

Crowds gathered in Buckingham Palace watching marathon in capital, London 2016.

Spectator watching Virgin Media marathon live. London 2016

Spectator with his nationality flag

Spectator watching marathon live.

The whole marathon is finishing next to Buckingham Palace where professional medical help is awaiting – just in case as sportsmen are really exhausted. It’s great that so many of them despite their extreme effort put onto marathon and are still able  to put smiles on their faces.

Runners just after finish of marathon.

Marathon runners resting just after finishing. London 2016


Runners have long to way to go, so they are supported by very well organized support teams. Supporters received needed liquids and medicaments which helped them to get rest quicker after this incredible effort.

Supporting teams.

Supporting team during marathon – London 2016


and finally the WINNERS!

Below you can see some sportsmen faces which for those who are more familiar with this discpiline will tell who those guys are.

Unfortunately one runner had a heart disease and due the complications died afterwards. Our thoughts are with his family…


Marathon winners

Happy winners of the London’s Marathon. London 2016

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