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Holidays in Wales | summer 2016

blurryimages · August 21, 2016 · Daily life, Places · 0 comments

Our holidays in Wales this summer

were impressively wet…though we tried to have great fun! Through the first week were raining…all the time. We haven’t had any chance to not be soaked completely while we were outside.

First idea – we go to Clevedon and then to Tywyn. The plan was simple – to spend some time in a quiet village near the sea to relax after months of work, noise generated by lorries outside and ambulance’s siren. It easier to say than did.

Holidays in Wales, Tywyn coast

A couple watching the coast. Tywyn, Wales.


Great pier in Clevedon

Fortunately we have had great view on a below pier, which in these circumstances was a big advantage comparing to this was was pouring from the the sky…

Holidays in Wales, pier in Clevedon

Clevedon and its pier in a wet day.

Unfortunately access to this pier was locked down due it was a private area. The rest of the evening we had to spent in a local pub. Not too bad, though… 🙂


Next stop – prison…Bridgewell Prison Hotel

Yeah, that’s truth. We had to go to prison – for two nights only 🙂 In Liverpool there’s a converted prison onto “luxury” hotel. It’s not luxury but it is clean and nice. Especially the staff which was very friendly and really helpful. More information you can find here but apart of anything was written it’s worth to spend a night or two to feel how is to be locked and to figure out that’s in not worth to do anything stupid to be locked there in real life.


Holidays in Wales, Bridgewell prison hotel

Swans in Kensington Gardens

We of course took all needed measures 🙂 Below picture shows what welcomes you immediately after entering to the prison (or maybe to a hotel?). Rooms are very small and surrounding room has been converted into bathroom. Even though it is very, very small area and as a hotel it does the job but if you imagine yourself locked there for 5, 10 or 15 years it’s hard to believe you can live there, really.

Holidays in Wales, Bridgewell prison hotel

Bridgewell Prison Hotel, Liverpool.


holidays in Wales, Bridgewell Prison Hotel

Window in a Bridgewell Prison Hotel


holidays in Wales, Bridgewell Prison Hotel

A “prisoner” in a Bridgewell Prison Hotel

That’s all about it but more pictures you can find here. Feel free to put your comments below.

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