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Darkroom stuff for sale

A large darkroom sink for sale – Richards of Hull £399

I have a larger darkroom sink for sale that holds a great history … It’s been used by the master of darkroom master printers – my Friend Roy Snell. Now it is mine, and I’ve been using it for years. I had been gifted with a wider model from the same company – Richards of Hull, and because it’s wider I chose that one and the below one needs a new home where will be kept busy printing!

You can purchase them here directly:

  1. Large darkroom sink – Richards of Hull – £399. Collection in person only or you can send a courier who collect it when will present a code that I will share with you after payment. You can pay with Stripe using a link below the pictures:

A small darkroom sink from Richards of Hull – £299

I have available my small darkroom sink for sale from Richards of Hull as per pictures below. This one is a nice addition to all darkrooms as allows to either expand number of trays i.e. for toning or washing prints whilst you’re working on next prints. You can also use it for film development with no need to clear up the large sink from trays and lay them back again afterwards.

Sink is in great condition and the only thing you need to change is the tap – or add a missing part. To the threaded top of the tap I had screwed in a garden hose as the mounting is the same – I have been using it for print washing after ferrocyanide.

Collection in person only or via courier – either way with a code that you will receive after making payment with collection address which is the same as on my Contact page.

Here you can use Stripe for payment:

I have put both sinks on eBay – the mentioned below smaller darkroom sink and the larger one. I prefer if you purchase them from me directly using the above payment link as then all funds will go my bank account omitting eBay’s commission fee.

Please see below the links to the auctions:

For more details about the items, please contact me on my email: [email protected]

El-Nikkor darkroom lenses for sale

I have for sale 2x EL-Nikkor enlarging lenses 50mm f/2.8. Both are in very good condition – one of them I would say is in an excellent condition including the original paper box. The prices are £75 and £100 respectively + shipping cost.

Pictures of them to follow…

Darkroom enlarger for sale (SOLD!) | Durst Laborator 900 for sale (SOLD!)

I have my enlarger Durst Laborator 900 for sale. Enlarger is in London, UK. If anyone is interested of it, please contact me.


This is an Auto-Focus enlarger and is in very good condition.


Durst L900 side view Durst Laborator CLS 450 Durst Laborator L900 lens touret Durst Laborator 900 Durst Laborator 900 baseboard Durst L900Durst Laborator L900