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Cooking on Portobello Market

blurryimages · April 16, 2016 · Streets · 0 comments

Saturday’s cooking

Cooking on Portobello Market where you can find many dinner ideas, vegetarian food and it is for sure the best place to eat in the area. Portobello Road is famous not only from its market of historic things available for selling but also from its wide cuisines which came here with immigrants from many countries. This makes this place much more valuable than typical markets because this is one of the most cosmopolitan place in London.
Man while cooking on Portobello Market, London.

Portobello Market – cooking

Polish cousin on Portobello Market, London.

Sausages smashing on Portobello Market.

 Don’t forget! Here are many different things to buy or only to look at. This is very interesting place for tourists so why not to come and feel it?

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