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cloud, cloud formation, cloud formations and what they mean, cloud names


blurryimages · April 16, 2016 · Streets · 0 comments

clouds formation

covered the whole sky.I don’t know clouds names by were beautiful and really worth to take pictures. The air became very wet and was very windy. This was caused by the changing weather which gave me the opportunity to go out and in my very close neighbourhood take some good photographs of the sky. As you can see below I have took a few good ones I think. This period of the year with pretty good angle of the sun in mornings & evenings gives good light as you can see on this opening picture of old window frames with broken glass.


This plane looks great in the cloudy background. I have took a few pictures until this a bit lighter part of the clouds (unfortunately clouds names I don’t know…) has come up with the plane in the front. I took it from my sitting room so I did’t even got wet 🙂 Cloud formation is impressive so I am happy I took them!

cloud, cloud formation, cloud formations and what they mean, clouds names

Plane in the sky with dark clouds

The other story is related to this picture. I was completely soaked while I have took it. But I think it was worth to got wet. If you would like to do similar pictures to mine I can give you small advise – take a small umbrella with you! It is much convenient and better for your camera 🙂

cloud, cloud formation, cloud formations what they mean, clouds names

Clouds in the Hyde Park, London

And final thought. These days when good quality telephoto lens isn’t very expensive I recommend to buy one along with monopod similar to that one from Manfrotto. This will give you much more possibilities to play with clouds and of course you can use it for other purposes (birds, sport and many more).

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