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Chelsea | Fire Station

blurryimages · April 16, 2016 · Places, Streets · 0 comments

26 March – Chelsea Fire Station Brigade

Chelsea Fire Brigade has an office on King’s Road in Chelsea. This is very good brigade professionally prepared for actioning when needed. That day I was intrigued by their red doors which came up in the front of me. I wouldn’t to not take a picture, of course.
Chelsea | fire station office

Fire station at King’s Road in London.

On the opposite side of the street there’s a small junction which is very busy and towards down to the Thames River. Fire Brigade very often must cross the river so I will try to catch them while crossing, though. Fire Station is very important organisation in Chelsea and surrounding districts. Maybe sometimes those areas are noisy but definitely those guys will come in minutes when needed.
This picture I have taken in London but similar stations are all over the world and all of those guys are ready to help regardless of time of the day. Please keep in touch – I will update with more pictures as this project I do not treat as finished.

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