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Brexit 2016 in pictures I London

blurryimages · June 23, 2016 · Daily life, People · 0 comments

Brexit 2016 in London

Brexit referendum takes place on 23 June and it is very important day in a British history. Today UK citizens will decide whether to remain within EU or they will vote for Brexit. Soon after 10:00pm local time pools stations will be closed and teams will start counting votes. Till today, all about Brexit referendum was happening in TV, newspapers and on the streets.

Brexit campaigners, Brexit poster, Brexit 2016 in pictures, Brexit referendum

Brexit campaigners on London’s streets. 22 June 2016, London.


Britons today decides

whether they want to stay with known rules created in cooperation with UK and other EU members in Brussel. If majority will decide to leave, would that mean UK will get off the European train? If so, what then about the economy and further internal country’s development?


Brexit in UK, woman reading newspaper, train station, train, Brexit 2016 in pictures, Brexit referendum

Woman reading newspaper – Brexit 23 June 2016


British as well as foreigners

deliberate how Britain will look like in coming future. If Brexit will happen that would mean slower economy? On the other hand, Brexit doesn’t change main negotiation points which have been agreed in 2015. Most important bullet was immigration which still exceeds 300 000 people netto, every year.


Brexit article, Brexit referendum, Brexit in pictures

Women reading article about Brexit in UK. 22 June 2016, London.


Other EU members

along with British citizens which opt for remain within EU, try to engage others by persuading them why leaving is not an option. Some British accept this but some still are not eager to change their minds.

Brexit 2016 in pictures, Brexit referendum, Brexit sticker, I'm in Brexit

Brexit sticker “I’m in” promoting to remain within EU, 22 June 2013. London


British citizens not only in UK but also those who belongs to the commonwealth community, have right to vote. Irish from Northern Ireland along with Gibraltar’s citizens are eligible to vote. Strangely, other EU citizens who live in UK even for 30 years, do not have right to vote despite this decision has direct impact to them…


Brexit 2016 in pictures, Brexit referendum, Brexit in newspapers

Abandoned Metro newspaper on Finsbury Park train station, 23 June 2016, London


British and the rest of the 27 EU members will have to await for confirmed and an official results. Till then first results will spill over the Internet soon after 22:00 local time.


The things is

that main supporters of Brexit have disappeared from the cabinets. Will they take responsibility for this what they did??

Brexit in pictures, Ningel Farage

Newspaper with Ningel Farage’s picture, London.


Below marks on the picture of David Cameron says all what Londoners think about Brexit….

Brexit in pictures, David Cameron

Picture of David Cameron, London June 2016

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