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A sculpture in Cambridge This is a sculpture that I have tried to photograph a few times times at least! Each time the result wasn’t satisfactory enough for me, and decided to keep trying. There was always something not right. It could be a time of the day, the light or something else – lens?? The light in photography is a key This time round, I knew that the light is right! Not thinking twice I’ve jumped to my car I am on my way to Cambridge. I live close enough to be there literally in 15 minutes. That was the moment when I had to just act! I took my Hasselblad and Ilford HP5 and I was on my way to Cambridge. The light was perfect. Clouds were heavy, but I knew that I have enough time before the rains starts. I have taken 4-5 shots and then I knew that I don’t need more. I like the approach to take 1-2 pictures of a subject and get it right. I think this is a good idea to challenge yourself and not to become like a digital photographers are – a hundreds picture person.
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A picture of a pine tree
In our village there’s a path where we have a birch tree which I like very much. I’m not sure why WordPress makes this picture with a yellow cast as either the original print and the scan do not look like this, but who will understand WordPress? 😀 The analogue print… …has this advantage versus absolutely any digital picture or print scan, that is has its weight, surface feeling and the obvious perception of the quality. This picture is a good example of all those things. I have printed it on Ilford Warmtone paper using a Kodak Dektol. In fact Dektol has this special thing in it that almost no developers can reproduce. Personally, I’m using D-72 which I make myself. This is almost the same developer as Dektol (if not the same, but sold without marketing name – ‘DEKTOL’!). It is getting harder and harder to hold of hydroquinone even if you’re a professional photographer as almost all chemical companies are so cautions these days, and they don’t want to deliver chemicals to the residential addresses, even if you’re running a business at home – online etc. it doesn’t matter. Ohhh…. btw. If you know where I can purchase […]
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Photos of Ely cathedral, Cambridgeshire
Analogue photography can get for instance a regular photos of Ely cathedral, as well as many other buildings, to completely new level. In the UK we have many of historical buildings like country houses, and among them we have many cathedrals which deserve recording. A picture of a cathedral Initially the cathedral looked like a typical black and white picture. However, some type of photography – especially old buildings, require a special touch. In this case toning brings up a mood which this picture needs. Buildings like churches, Georgian and country houses have a really nice walls. These are often underestimated for no reason. The old type of bricks and the stone work are ageing in a very beautiful way. Toning of the picture with buildings can be a very good way to make them more interesting and reveal their hidden gems.
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Portrait of a beautiful woman holding her hair.
My sister This is Dorota, my sister and a beautiful woman. I took this picture a few years ago when she visited me with her husband. We’ve met in London, where I lived at the time. Light I have taken this one in my garden. I didn’t use any specific background or lights. This picture has been taken in the afternoon using natural light, without any additional light diffusers etc. Portraits I like taking portraits the most… I can see and I understand what I want to achieve. It doesn’t take me long time to achieve what I want to see on the final print. Everyone is different, and there’s no one way of taking stunning photographs. I’m trying and sometimes it goes well, sometimes I need to start again…
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A reflection in a puddle of a college building in Cambridge, Cambridge, UK.
A reflection in a puddle… On a misty morning, I ventured into the historic streets of Cambridge in pursuit of photographic challenges. The atmospheric fog lent an ethereal quality to the surroundings, providing the ideal conditions for my artistic exploration. The quest for optimal lighting had been ongoing, and on this particular occasion, serendipity favored my lens. Cambridge, steeped in charm and historical significance, served as a picturesque backdrop for my photographic endeavors. The interplay of light and shadow, enhanced by the subtle embrace of fog, created a visual tapestry reminiscent of a dreamlike state. Armed with my camera, I embarked on a deliberate mission to encapsulate those ephemeral moments when the elements harmoniously aligned. As I traversed the cobblestone streets, each frame captured reflected the meticulous orchestration of natural lighting. Nature seemed to assume the role of a personal lighting director, casting shadows and highlights with an almost poetic precision. The beauty of the scene left me in awe as I endeavored to freeze these fleeting moments in time. In the aftermath of this photographic odyssey, I am pleased to present a collection of fine art black and white photographs available for acquisition. These compositions transcend mere visual representation; […]
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A picture of a college building in Cambridge, UK.
The owner of the MrCad Store in London.
There's a photographic store in London, where you can buy literally everything starting from cameras, lenses, bags and millions of other things. This store is called MrCad and this post is about its owner, Mr. Alex Falk.
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Master Darkroom Printer - Roy Snell
adrian ensor Master darkroom printer and fine art photographer
This is portrait of my Friend – Adrian Ensor, darkroom master printer and fine art photographer, 2019. Adrian used this picture in his latest book ‘Adrian Ensor en los Senderos de Federico Garcia‘ I remember that day when we met in Adrian’s house, office and darkroom. I was trying to do my best. I think Adrian was not used to being photographed – he usually was on the other side of the lens! I like the result. I’ve used only 2 rolls of film for this session as atmosphere was great and I knew that I had it! A darkroom… Some time ago I wrote a post about building my new darkroom. It turned out that Adrian has gifted me the whole darkroom and not only, as a few days later he called me again, and now I have a professional lightbox of a size of a ….single bed! 🙂 You can see more of Adrian’s work on his website. Here you can watch Adrian’s work for Tate!
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Grenfell tower fire
Notting Hill Grenfell tower fire Grenfell tower fire – during the night on 14-15 June 2017 the 24 storey building had gone in fire. Unfortunately, I’ve seen that building in flames….It’s impossible to imagine how can you feel in such circumstances. The reason most likely was caused by the ignition which fired the polystyrene cladding. The cladding type was flammable and was just slightly cheaper – ca £2 per 1 square meter than not flammable version. According to the London Police along with Kensington & Chelsea borough, there’s still a hope that number of those whose died won’t be 3 digit number.  Below you can see how LFB (London Fire Brigade) worked to cope with that situation. Despite overall sad mood around this case, firefighters tried to not be sad or depressed.  Local authorities have said they’ll will do their best to be sure that “There won’t be any stone left unturned” in terms of finding missing people whose left in the building. Let’s have a hope after this incident we all have learnt lesson and any similar tragedy won’t happen again in the future. ” slug=”Grenfell-tower-fire” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]
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Hannah McClusky, Hannah Howell
It’s Sunday so let’s take some fashion pictures Today is a busy day, I work on fashion shooting with great models and supporting team. We’re working in Holland Park as there’s great natural backdrop and light isn’t too strong. I hope you’ll find them interesting and it will tempt you to check the whole session here. Our team: Hair and make up collection: Hair: @kasia hair stylist Make up: @makeup me aga mi Photo: @blurry.images Models: Emilie: @mcmostert Rita: @ritahenriques93 Hannah: @hannahmccluskey Hannah: @hannah.alice.howell All of our friends you can find on Instagram. If you have a feeling you can stand in the front of the camera and want to be photographed, then contact me!
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portrait with cigar, smoking man
Portrait with cigar of smoking man taken in London. Portrait of colourful person with undoubtedly interesting personality.
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Marlenka’s portraits

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Marlenka’s portraits This morning we we’ve been working in the park trying to take some good portraits of Marlena despite of the wet weather. Finding good location and a light, turned out a slightly difficult task. We decided to not give up so we’ve spent some time trying to figure out where and how to make some photographs. As sun has been moving higher and higher… Marlenka’s portrait’s This portrait is my best. I like it because of Marlena’s sight. She’s so focused which makes this picture so energetic. As taking of model’s pictures or portraits isn’t easy task the one taken to the person you know very well sometimes is more difficult than that one taken of strangers.   Pictures in the park – If you’ve found them interesting feel free to share them with your friends.
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