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A sculpture in Cambridge

blurryimages · July 06, 2024 · Daily life · 0 comments

A sculpture in Cambridge

This is a sculpture that I have tried to photograph a few times times at least! Each time the result wasn’t satisfactory enough for me, and decided to keep trying. There was always something not right. It could be a time of the day, the light or something else – lens??

The light in photography is a key

This time round, I knew that the light is right! Not thinking twice I’ve jumped to my car I am on my way to Cambridge.

A sculpture in Cambridge
A sculpture in Cambridge

I live close enough to be there literally in 15 minutes. That was the moment when I had to just act!

I took my Hasselblad and Ilford HP5 and I was on my way to Cambridge.
The light was perfect. Clouds were heavy, but I knew that I have enough time before the rains starts. I have taken 4-5 shots and then I knew that I don’t need more.

I like the approach to take 1-2 pictures of a subject and get it right. I think this is a good idea to challenge yourself and not to become like a digital photographers are – a hundreds picture person.

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