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Tattoos | rings

Tattoos and rings

Yesterday while sitting in one of Soho’s pubs I met Alexa O’Brien – her tattoos and rings on fingers intrigued me. She worn great silver rings on both hands and those both elements were totally worth of taking picture! We have spoken a while and she agreed me to take some portraits.

Woman with tattoos and rings
Silver rings

She really has natural skills to pose as a professional model. I tried to show her tattoos and rings. I like this kind of rings, which combined with the tattooed hands made a great composition. Tattoo designs used here are great composed along with the silver rings.


Woman with tattoos, rings
Silver rings

Alexa’s face is very interesting and I think, smoking made her look a bit more serious, in a good meaning of that word. I like her sight which comes somewhere far away from place we were… Light is very good and softly illuminate the whole face.


Alexa O'Brien with cigarette

I think we did a good job. Below picture ensures me I am right. I like to work like yesterday, as this gives great results. We haven’t planned in advance and all pictures were very spontaneous. I hope Alexa thinks exactly the same.


Woman with tattooed fingers
Woman with tattoos

I like this picture as this is something like summary of this 20 minutes of work.