London tube

London | Tube

London’s Tube is very lively place in the town

There’s nothing usually the same … each day is different in London’s Tube… You can meet here many people and many things can happen. Some people do are able to make some exercises. Some even do jogging! This is nice as those, really feel comfortably and just live!

London tube
Woman running in London’s Tube.


I like people reading newspapers

because they forgetting about other commuters and start to behave naturally. But each person is different and I really like it! I am a good observer I think, and  very often I am trying to catch something what other missed.


Tube in London
Man reading newspaper. 19 April 2016, London

Thankfully London Tube’s architects implemented those nice mirrors in which I am taking some pictures. I will try many times yet until will I’ll catch that best one, but that one below I really like. In Tube light is rather difficult for photography but everything is possible. I am using available light to catch something interesting.

London tube - woman in mirror
Woman visible in the metro’s mirror – London’s tube. 19 April 2016. London


I need to spend more time in London Tube to get more familiar with its possibilities and to discover something more as I think this is not explored cave!