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Hyde Park Corner never sleeps

Hyde Park Corner

We have new year but this part of British capital is very lively, as usual. This time I’m with a man which speech is about Jesus and his role in our lives and current world.

Indeed it’s hard to not agree with him and his ideas. He is very active in his approach how to persuade to others his opinions.


hyde park corner speech
Hyde Park Corner speech, London n2017

Please don’t think

…he doesn’t know what he’s talking about! That man is every good observer and he also advised to me, what Jesus thinks about photography. Please don’t think, I’m mocking up from him but I really appreciate his open-minded approach to the surrounding world.

From visual point of view, that man is interesting but also his personality makes this town very colourful. I don’t have to agree with all his opinions but I do not judge his opinions as well. That’s one and only place in the world where everyone can perform a speech about anything he/she wants.



hyde park corner speech
Speech at Hyde Park Corner, London 2017

Hyde Park Corner Speaker

…is very lively man. He tries to persuade all his opinions to everyone who came to this place tempted by the gathered crowd.


Summing up, if you’re looking for some kind of relax and you’re eager to listen different opinions feel free to come and listen or even discuss with those guys. I personally really appreciate that I can do that as I’ve been reading about this place for years and now on….I can come here.



Hyde Park speaker
Conversation between speaker and listener, Hyde Park 2017, London

Pigeons on the roof and shots using iPhone camera

Pigeons on the roof

Due that I have a “problem” with taking pictures of sitting or flying around, walking or whatever else these animals do, I wanted to show you a few pictures which I took one day just before going to work. Pigeons are sitting every day on the roof of the building and due it is a very foggy and misty day I wanted to catch them.

Pigeons on the roof
Pigeons captured sitting on the roof fence on the mall. Hatfield 2016

These animals

…are very sensitive and it’s not easy to get close to them. I’m moving very slowly to capture them. Pigeons likes to sit on the roof a watch the world from the distance.

Pigeons on the roof
Pigeons flying away from the roof of the mall. Hatfield 2016


Some of them flew away

..but not all of them fortunately 😉

Pigeons on the roof
Pigeons flying away. Hatfield 2016

This one for instance

..does have very courage and allowed me to come very close. Pigeons are very nice animals if you like them as I do. It’s not easy to catch them but it’s worth to try!

Pigeons on the roof
Pigeon sitting on the roof on the roof of the mall. Hatfield 2016


But finally…

all flew away… End of story 🙂 Pigeons on the roof – nice beginning of the day and pretty pictures.

Pigeons on the roof
Pigeons captured on the roof on the roof of the mall. Hatfield 2016


Wandering in the park

Wandering in the park

is one of the good things which can happen. One day we haven’t nothing better to do so we’ve decided to go out. Due the light was good I wanted to take a picture of the place all these things started…cheap hotel which is very old and theoretically is conducting refurbishment in it, but I think is very likely it will be demolished. As you can see above it won’t take long until the building will collapse by itself.


We’ve decided to see what’s new in Hyde Park. Feeding pigeons was the option but they were very “active” to not say – aggressive. This was early morning which can explain this behaviour.

 pigeon, pigeons in Hyde Park
Pigeons in Hyde Park


“Indian Golden Jubilee Bench”

– this inscription has been engraved on the bench. In Hyde Park there are lots of such benches and each means something or was put there for a reason. I try to find one which has engraved a dedication from husband to his wife which passed away…

Bench, wooden bench, bench in Hyde Park
Bench in Hyde Park


In Notting Hill there’s an office building

which is constantly in offer as a office space for rent. The building is rather in poor condition and probably will take some time yet to rent it…

Office space for rent in Notting Hill
Office space for rent in Notting Hill




clouds formation

covered the whole sky.I don’t know clouds names by were beautiful and really worth to take pictures. The air became very wet and was very windy. This was caused by the changing weather which gave me the opportunity to go out and in my very close neighbourhood take some good photographs of the sky. As you can see below I have took a few good ones I think. This period of the year with pretty good angle of the sun in mornings & evenings gives good light as you can see on this opening picture of old window frames with broken glass.


This plane looks great in the cloudy background. I have took a few pictures until this a bit lighter part of the clouds (unfortunately clouds names I don’t know…) has come up with the plane in the front. I took it from my sitting room so I did’t even got wet 🙂 Cloud formation is impressive so I am happy I took them!

cloud, cloud formation, cloud formations and what they mean, clouds names
Plane in the sky with dark clouds

The other story is related to this picture. I was completely soaked while I have took it. But I think it was worth to got wet. If you would like to do similar pictures to mine I can give you small advise – take a small umbrella with you! It is much convenient and better for your camera 🙂

cloud, cloud formation, cloud formations what they mean, clouds names
Clouds in the Hyde Park, London

And final thought. These days when good quality telephoto lens isn’t very expensive I recommend to buy one along with monopod similar to that one from Manfrotto. This will give you much more possibilities to play with clouds and of course you can use it for other purposes (birds, sport and many more).

Pigeons in Kensington Gardens


Today pigeon’s picture in Kensington Park  in London. It was nice light so it was great occasion to take some photos. Birds were wandering around looking for some food from passingbyers.

Hyde Park, buy homing pigeon, found homing pigeon, home of
Swans in a lake in Kensington Gardens, London

Chelsea | Fire Station

26 March – Chelsea Fire Station Brigade

Chelsea Fire Brigade has an office on King’s Road in Chelsea. This is very good brigade professionally prepared for actioning when needed. That day I was intrigued by their red doors which came up in the front of me. I wouldn’t to not take a picture, of course.
Chelsea | fire station office
Fire station at King’s Road in London.
On the opposite side of the street there’s a small junction which is very busy and towards down to the Thames River. Fire Brigade very often must cross the river so I will try to catch them while crossing, though. Fire Station is very important organisation in Chelsea and surrounding districts. Maybe sometimes those areas are noisy but definitely those guys will come in minutes when needed.
This picture I have taken in London but similar stations are all over the world and all of those guys are ready to help regardless of time of the day. Please keep in touch – I will update with more pictures as this project I do not treat as finished.

Blurry day

26 March – Blurry day

Birds flying, photos of london, london photos, photo blog,
Dead tree

Today is blurry and rather grey day so this picture will describe a bit how the weather looks like and we fell. Birds were leaving the tree going to the more quiet place.

Ukrainian protest

21 March – Pictures of protest in the front of the Russian embassy in London

…against Russian court verdict which charged Nadiya Savchenko – charged over the death of two Russian journalists.

Russian embassy, Ukrainian protest, russian consulate, russian consulate visa, protests
Protest against Russian court verdict in N. Savchenko case in London.
Russian embassy, Ukrainian protest, russian consulate, russian consulate visa, protests
Protestors in the from of the Russian embassy in London 21/03/2016.

Friends from Sweden

12 March – Nice Guys from Sweden

I met three guys from Sweden. I suppose they came to London as a tourists. I took them a few pictures – two of them you can find below as the rest are not ready yet 😉 I will publish them in coming few days!

Thank you fellas!

friends from Sweden, portrait in park
Guys from Sweden
friends from Sweden, portrait in park
Guys from Sweden
friends from Sweden, portrait in park
Relaxing in Kensington Gardens. London, March 2016
friends from Sweden, portrait in park
Sitting in Kensington Gardens. London, March 2016
friends from Sweden, portrait in park


09 March – Blurry day and abandoned flowers

Today weather isn’t good here. Is rather cold and wet. This is good weather for picture lovers which I am. Below something from today – flowers which were thrown out and then picked up by a street cleaner… What can be better? Second life for them, isn’t it? Maybe even better, I think.

Old Cadillac

05 March – Old Cadillac, building and something for cyclists

Today was very good photographic day. I have took some good (I hope) pictures and one of them you can find below. The rest of them I will put into Galleries soon. This car I’ve found in the London’s City. The car was parked behind the fence and seemed (thankfully) to be not “forgotten” which is great and I like when people use such machines on daily basis, really.

I also like different view of ordinary elements of surroundings. This time I’ve just moved my head up and bum! I saw this below….

block, tree, window
Tree and buildings. Composition made by itself.

…and last picture today – my favourite one. I like this contrast and elements combined together. If you too just share it with your friends.

Signs, street, bicycle, bike
Signs on painted on the streets.


Old Leitz projectors in gallery

25 February – The Photographer’s Gallery in London

Today we have visited this gallery to see some pictures Saul Leiter and Rosangela Renno in London based gallery. Peter’s pictures were good… but presentation of diapositives of Rosangela’s work work was amazingly prepared. Take a look here to see what I mean.

Here is only one picture of what we’ve seen there…

Old Leitz Projector, photographer's gallery, presentation
Old Leitz Projector

Old buildings

13 February 2016

Old buildings in Notting Hill

In Notting Hill are many interesting places. You can find here an old buildings but also other kind of old buildings which are rather regular blocks and might not be so “fancy” as previous ones. But are still interesting is some respects….The key to find them interesting is point of view!
street lamps, old lamp, London's street lamps
Street lamps in Notting Hill.

Cooking on Portobello Market

Saturday’s cooking

Cooking on Portobello Market where you can find many dinner ideas, vegetarian food and it is for sure the best place to eat in the area. Portobello Road is famous not only from its market of historic things available for selling but also from its wide cuisines which came here with immigrants from many countries. This makes this place much more valuable than typical markets because this is one of the most cosmopolitan place in London.
Man while cooking on Portobello Market, London.
Portobello Market – cooking
Polish cousin on Portobello Market, London.
Sausages smashing on Portobello Market.

 Don’t forget! Here are many different things to buy or only to look at. This is very interesting place for tourists so why not to come and feel it?


February 2016

The wall

Every town, especially capitals, have its own busy venues where many people are coming. Portobello Road is among many in London.

The wall, people i the wall, white wall
The pictures of whole in the wall on Portobello Road in London.


Some blossoms

This winter blossoms have grown pretty early. That suits me, really.

Crocus, grass, yellow flowers
Crocus among grass in Kensington Gardens.
Primrose flowers, Crocus, grass, yellow flowers, violet flowers
Primrose along with grass i Kensington Gardens in London.
Daffodil, Primrose flowers, Crocus, grass, yellow flowers, violet flowers
Daffodil in Kensington Gardens in London.
Magnolia, Daffodil, Primrose flowers, Crocus, grass, yellow flowers, violet flowers
Magnolia on Bayswater, London.

Vinyl bookshelf

February 2016

Vinyl bookshelf

This is my Valentine’s gift which was given to me by my girlfriend. She made especially for me this beautiful vinyl bookshelf which will act also as a TV unit but just until I…..will fulfil this whole area in the bottom by vinyls 🙂 It won’t take long I think. More pictures you can find here.
Thank you Marlenka!
Vinyl records bookshelf, lp storage, vinyl storage, vinyl bookshelf
Freshly finished vinyl bookshelf.