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Holidays in Wales | summer 2016

Our holidays in Wales this summer

were impressively wet…though we tried to have great fun! Through the first week were raining…all the time. We haven’t had any chance to not be soaked completely while we were outside.

First idea – we go to Clevedon and then to Tywyn. The plan was simple – to spend some time in a quiet village near the sea to relax after months of work, noise generated by lorries outside and ambulance’s siren. It easier to say than did.

Holidays in Wales, Tywyn coast
A couple watching the coast. Tywyn, Wales.


Great pier in Clevedon

Fortunately we have had great view on a below pier, which in these circumstances was a big advantage comparing to this was was pouring from the the sky…

Holidays in Wales, pier in Clevedon
Clevedon and its pier in a wet day.

Unfortunately access to this pier was locked down due it was a private area. The rest of the evening we had to spent in a local pub. Not too bad, though… 🙂


Next stop – prison…Bridgewell Prison Hotel

Yeah, that’s truth. We had to go to prison – for two nights only 🙂 In Liverpool there’s a converted prison onto “luxury” hotel. It’s not luxury but it is clean and nice. Especially the staff which was very friendly and really helpful. More information you can find here but apart of anything was written it’s worth to spend a night or two to feel how is to be locked and to figure out that’s in not worth to do anything stupid to be locked there in real life.


Holidays in Wales, Bridgewell prison hotel
Swans in Kensington Gardens

We of course took all needed measures 🙂 Below picture shows what welcomes you immediately after entering to the prison (or maybe to a hotel?). Rooms are very small and surrounding room has been converted into bathroom. Even though it is very, very small area and as a hotel it does the job but if you imagine yourself locked there for 5, 10 or 15 years it’s hard to believe you can live there, really.

Holidays in Wales, Bridgewell prison hotel
Bridgewell Prison Hotel, Liverpool.


holidays in Wales, Bridgewell Prison Hotel
Window in a Bridgewell Prison Hotel


holidays in Wales, Bridgewell Prison Hotel
A “prisoner” in a Bridgewell Prison Hotel

That’s all about it but more pictures you can find here. Feel free to put your comments below.

Trip | National History Museum

Visit in National History Museum

is one of “do’s” each traveler must have in its CV while visiting London – Going there wasn’t planned as very interesting bullet on my list however I always want to see all those collected dinosaur sculptress from around the world. As I do not consider myself as a traveller but… it’s always worth to gain some knowledge from areas I don’t feel very well…


Immediately after entrance I am welcomed by giant sculpture of an ancient dinosaur which size is literally overwhelming! It head is half-human size and its potential weight had to be enormous!

dinosaur picture, trip to National History Museum, visit in National History Museum
Dinosaur’s sculpture in National History Museum, London.
Human standing

next to dinosaur is very small and immediately I knew that if there would live today, humans wouldn’t be able to compete with them. Many their sculptures were found around the world and I like to see more of them but if this is possible?… I’ve noticed that their one leg length was much longer then middle-heigh man.


dinosaur's head, visit to National Museum, trip to National History Museum
Visitor below the dinosaur’s head.


During the trip

to National History Museum I’ve noticed, that dinosaur’s tail was more than 10 meters in length. It was used for stabilising its body movement during walk or run. Tail visible from the side is incredibly long and massive. This can be noticed while standing next to the such gigantic posture.


dinosaur's tail, visit in National History Museum
Dinosaur’s tail. National History Museum in London.
Access to those sculptures

isn’t fenced too strongly and visitors can see all details and enjoy seeing animals tail-ends which lived between 230 and 65 million years ago. Comparing to this, the human’s era is very young. We rule the Earth just for circa 200 000 years…


dinosaur's leg, visit in National History Museum
Leg of dinosaur standing in NHM London.
Dinosaurs’ skulls are very big and strong.

Those animals were able to hunt on other animals and were very good in it. Who knows how/if we would appear on the Earth if we weren’t be “supported” by the collision with the asteroid 65 millions years ago. This is not so obvious but thankfully it happened to them and not to us.

dinosaur's skull, visit in national history museum
Skull of dinosaur. NHM, London.
Visit to Natural History Museum is

a good occasion to experience things which normally I wouldn’t be able to see. Many visitors are amazed seeing old tail-ends and that’s good occasion to tense our imagination.

dinosaur's picture, visit in National History Museum, trip to National History Museum
Picture of visitors in National History Museum, London.


All of this we know today, we owe to Karol Darwin

who did a great job. All we know who that man was, and his statue which located inside the main hall, you can see below.


Karol Darwin's picture, visit in national history museum, trip to National History Museum
Karol Darwin’s statue in NHM, London.

Visit in National History Museum was a nice experience and I am happy I took those pictures which will reminds me where we are and also that we aren’t the first here…

Wandering in the park

Wandering in the park

is one of the good things which can happen. One day we haven’t nothing better to do so we’ve decided to go out. Due the light was good I wanted to take a picture of the place all these things started…cheap hotel which is very old and theoretically is conducting refurbishment in it, but I think is very likely it will be demolished. As you can see above it won’t take long until the building will collapse by itself.


We’ve decided to see what’s new in Hyde Park. Feeding pigeons was the option but they were very “active” to not say – aggressive. This was early morning which can explain this behaviour.

 pigeon, pigeons in Hyde Park
Pigeons in Hyde Park


“Indian Golden Jubilee Bench”

– this inscription has been engraved on the bench. In Hyde Park there are lots of such benches and each means something or was put there for a reason. I try to find one which has engraved a dedication from husband to his wife which passed away…

Bench, wooden bench, bench in Hyde Park
Bench in Hyde Park


In Notting Hill there’s an office building

which is constantly in offer as a office space for rent. The building is rather in poor condition and probably will take some time yet to rent it…

Office space for rent in Notting Hill
Office space for rent in Notting Hill



Chelsea | Fire Station

26 March – Chelsea Fire Station Brigade

Chelsea Fire Brigade has an office on King’s Road in Chelsea. This is very good brigade professionally prepared for actioning when needed. That day I was intrigued by their red doors which came up in the front of me. I wouldn’t to not take a picture, of course.
Chelsea | fire station office
Fire station at King’s Road in London.
On the opposite side of the street there’s a small junction which is very busy and towards down to the Thames River. Fire Brigade very often must cross the river so I will try to catch them while crossing, though. Fire Station is very important organisation in Chelsea and surrounding districts. Maybe sometimes those areas are noisy but definitely those guys will come in minutes when needed.
This picture I have taken in London but similar stations are all over the world and all of those guys are ready to help regardless of time of the day. Please keep in touch – I will update with more pictures as this project I do not treat as finished.

Palace of Culture & Science

August 2015

– Palace of Culture & Science

The building itself is 237 meters high and is the highest Polish building. On one of the floors has a nice swimming pool and terrace with an impressive view on capital of Poland. The building was a friend’s gift from the eastern border. Not so much liked by Polish. On the top floor there’s a nice a big swimming pool.

polish history, Palace of Culture & Science, polonia palace warsaw, swimming pool
Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw.

Holland Park London

Holland Park Notting Hill, Relaxing in the park, wooden trunks – among trees will make you happy. Kyoto Garden is here!

Holland Park in Notting Hill is one of the best places in this area to spend your free time.
Partridge birds, pigeons and many more birds and squirrels –  all these animals you can find there along with at least a few places where you can relax reading book or drinking coffee. Many people come here to very slowly flow trough the footpaths with their kids and dogs. Some play football but a few steps away you can find charming Kyoto Garden with small sort of river. Everywhere in the Park you feel very secure as even small Police patrol is visible to avoid any problems before those occur. Really great place to come and all people know they should behave quietly. Some photos you can find below to show that not only ordinary places and things are here. Some wooden elements and animals this time 😉

So, please consider to come and more information along with Google Maps you can find here.



Relaxing in the park among trees and wooden trunks will make you happy.  You can spend nice time with your kids. Kyoto Garden is here! But pictures I will put a bit later…

black bird, holland park london, london holland park,
Small blackbird sitting on a tree.
wooden benches, wooden storage bench, women bench, Holland Park London,
Marlena on a wooden bench in Holland Park London

Wooden trunk, stubs

– you can find them here nicely lying on the ground…

Holland Park London, stub, trunk,
Wooden trunk in a Holland Park London

…their colours

are really nice and after rain when wood is sinked and wet those colours are even more intensive.

Holland Park London, stub, trunk,
Wooden trunk in a Holland Park London

Conversion to Black and white

pulls out of them more interesting details. Those stubs makes this picture interesting as they have many small details. If you can see them on good monitor you can appreciate their colour and mentioned details. I hope you’ll like them as I do.

Wooden trunk, stub, wooden stub
Wooden trunks in Holland Park London