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Notting Hill Carnival 2017 in London

This year, similarly as it’s being happening for many years before, another Notting Hill Carnival starts today. This event has its own long history. Despite voices that place hasn’t been chosen properly and should be moved to the different location, all actions takes place here yet. 

Notting Hill Carnival 2017 is a bit worrying to all local businesses as during celebrations many things usually happens.

Nearly every year someone is injured, some cars disappears. And it is nothing unusual during such events. Especially businesses but also people who live here, wants to feel a bit more secure. All of them tries to secure their offices, dwells and houses. Lots of Police is visible on the Notting Hill Gate street since early morning and even before – during the night yet. 

To avoid terrorist attacks, Police is closing local traffic by building very strong fences/barriers which will stop even very heavy lorries which potentially could try to ram into the crowds.

Here you can find how Notting Hill looks like now.


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Fashion shooting in London this Sunday

It’s Sunday so let’s take some fashion pictures

Today is a busy day, I work on fashion shooting with great models and supporting team. We’re working in Holland Park as there’s great natural backdrop and light isn’t too strong.

hannah mccluskey, fashion shooting, Kasia Kowalczyk, makeup me aga_mi_
Blurry Images photo shooting in London.

I hope you’ll find them interesting and it will tempt you to check the whole session here.

Our team:

Hair and make up collection:
Hair: @kasia hair stylist
Make up: @makeup me aga mi
Photo: @blurry.images
Emilie: @mcmostert
Rita: @ritahenriques93
Hannah: @hannahmccluskey
Hannah: @hannah.alice.howell
All of our friends you can find on Instagram. If you have a feeling you can stand in the front of the camera and want to be photographed, then contact me!

Fireworks Displays and Dead Walk | Alexandra Palace


Displays, Bonfire and Dead Walk Alexandra Palace are the best displays of fireworks apart of those presented during the New York Eve which are the best in UK! Below pictures shows short summary of Dead Walk in Alexandra Palace, London.

Dead Walk Alexandra Palace
Dead Walk during Fireworks in Alexandra Palace, London.

Dead Walk Alexandra Palace

The whole event during Display of fireworks are focussed around the “Dead Walk” which is pretty small but very lively and gathers lots of spectators. People are watching dancers and foggy evening express better flames and smoke which comes from flares.


Dead Walk Alexandra Palace
Part of Dead Walk in Alexandra Palace, London


Dead Walk Alexandra Palace
Woman “pretending” to be dead during Dead Walk

The gigantic skull

perfectly backlight from behind composes great during the whole event. Its colours combined with red lights which surrounds us from everywhere do the job. People like it and are spending great time with their kids despite the temperature isn’t very pleasant.


Dead Walk Alexandra Palace
Skull’s mask during Dead Walk in Alexandra Palace in London.

The musician plays

on piano which starts to fire every few words of the song he sings. That’s one of the most appreciated and most spectacular elements during the whole Dead Walk in Alexandra Palace tonight. To me that’s the best show during Dead Walk.


Dead Walk Alexandra Palace
Musician playing on piano in flames during Dead Walk in Alexandra Palace.


is the final element tonight. The fire is really big and simulates bones which are stared to fire. From the distance of 25 meters it really looks like a bones in fire though…


Dead Walk Alexandra Palace
Bonefire during Alexandra Palace’s fireworks

Dead Walk Alexandra Palace is really nice idea how to spend free evening. I will attend next time for sure and I’ll recommend you to do the same. Tickets are £12 per person.

MotoGP race at Silverstone

MotoGP Weekend

MotoGP Silverstone! Finally I had an opportunity to see my favourite race driver live! My beloved girlfriend gave me a gift which was a ticket for a race track for a MotoGP race 🙂 Couldn’t be better, really!

We arrived on Friday to be ready to see all free practices live on track. Along with us arrived many other fans. Each chosen different way to come but it was really crowdy!

MotoGP Silverstone, VR46 flag
Spectator with VR46 flag


MotoGP Silverstone, spectators on track
Two spectators arriving on track



That’s really incredible how many things have to be carried with the teams. Each team has drivers (most of teams have  2 drivers), technicians, managers, spare parts and of course…. motorcycles – MotoGP drivers have two. This impressive number of things has to be delivered on time to each race track in Europe and across the world. Below you can see only the fraction of lorries which are parked on track.

MotoGP Silverstone, motogp lorries, parking
Lorries carrying MotoGP staff at Silverstone


Spectators are very good in Silverstone. Thousands of them arrived and fulfilling all free seats. During the first day (Saturday) we were allowed to enter any place around the track except VIP area of course 🙂

That’s not too bad as many of most important thing happens indeed on track so even we weren’t able to see it, we used Big Screens which are transmitting the whole event all the time.

spectators watching race, MotoGP Silverstone
Spectators watching MotoGP race at Silverstone


Valentino Rossi never disappoints!

Vale, as usual is performing very well. Even it’s raining his performance is very good. Personally I prefer wet races as these are more spectacular from visual point of view and of course results are unpredictable very often. Below Valentino rides on the corner during the second free practise session on Saturday.

MotoGP Silverstone, Valentino Rossi corner
Valentino Rossi cornering at Silverstone

Moto2 free practice is very interesting as well as Moto3. I wouldn’t believe I will ever tell it, but Moto3 motorcycles generates almost the same huge noise and higher classes. That’s why organisers are sharing everywhere free noise stoppers. Kids are in the worse situation but parents know what to do by giving them headphones usually used on construction.

MotoGP Silverstone, moto2 rider
Moto2 rider on straight


At MotoGP Silverstone there’s always very crowdy. People are getting here from around the England and Scotland. All are very friendly. People drink beer, eat burgers and overall atmosphere is very sporty and friendly.

MotoGP Silverstone, crowds at Silverstone
Crowds at MotoGP Silverstone

The sessions

Each class has two free practises which results are not counted prior the qualification sessions. The only exception is MotoGP class where results from Saturday’s FP sessions decides of the Qualification order. Many things happens during those sessions.

MotoGP Silverstone, driver on straight
Driver whilst MotoGP race at Silverstone, 2016


MotoGP Silverstone, Marc Marquez
Marc Marquez while cornering


Saturday is very wet today so riders chosen wet tyres. Above Marc Marquez prepares for a measured lap. You can see lots of water droops behind his rear wheel.

People watch race from all places, really. Very good to see more than just 2 corners are located at the higher floor and of course, are more expensive. Here you can see lots of spectators watching from balcony with drinks in hands.

MotoGP Silverstone, spectators on baclony
Spectators watching race from balcony at Silverstone race track


Below you can see a picture with Dani Pedrosa but…take a look what’s happening behind him! I haven’t seen that while I took that picture. The driver is fine but he made my picture!

MotoGP Silverstone, Dani Pedrosa on straight
Dani Pedrosa on straight and crashing driver behind

Moto2 riders are doing great job. They riding style is very impressive and they speed on straight doesn’t differ much comparing to the MotoGP class. Below you can find my favourite shot from while cornering.

MotoGP Silverstone, moto2 cornering
Moto2 while cornering at Silverstone


The number of spectators is is difficult to describe. I should come 2 hours earlier to get best place – please remember I can go around the track so watching the race through the fence is not what I want to do!

MotoGP Silverstone, watching race, big screen
People watching the race on Big Screen at Silverstone


MotoGP Silverstone, moto3 race,
Spectators watching Silverstone Moto3 race


Some in B&W

Marc Marquez at MotoGP Silverstone race is trying to catch one of the Ducati’s riders. Of course he overtook the below guy in a few next corners.

MotoGP Silverstone, Marc Marquez
Marc Marquez overtaking on straight at Silverstone Circuit


Valentino Rossi on straight

Vale is doing his best. I’m surprised how difficult is catch him while he’s going out of the corners. His pace is enormous – like a bullet!

MotoGP Silverstone, Valentino Rossi straight
Valentino Rossi on straight at Silverstone race track, Silverstone 2016


Watching the race

People came to watch the race. Big screens allows us to see the whole event. When riders are arriving we all are turning onto the track and in that huge noise we can see them for around…..4 seconds 😀 and then turn back to the screen.

MotoGP Silverstone, big screen
Spectators watching MotoGP race at Silverstone


Riders in Moto2 class are very hard to beat. They all struggle through the whole race and no one gives up.

MotoGP Silverstone, Moto2 riders,
Moto2 race driver on straight, Silverstone 2016


moto2 race, race driver, driver on straight, motogp
Moto2 race driver at Silverstone’s straight



We all hear about recent horrible accidents which happens around the Europe. Organisers are very well prepared and we all feel very secure. Above our heads are flying helicopters which scans all people to prevent such situations. All is fine!

monitoring helicopters, Silverstone Circuit
Helicopters monitoring crowd at Silverstone Circuit 2016


The race

Racing is very exiting. Riders are very very fast and they’e passing next to us with huge speed. It’s hard to imagine how they can do that every two weeks 😉

Silverstone Circuit, Moto2 race, Moto2 riders
Two riders during Moto2 race at Silverstone Circuit 2016


Behind the race track there’s lots of thing to do. You can check The Doctor’s store to buy hmmm… new VR46 jacket or cap?

VR46 store, Silverstone racetrack
VR46 store during Silverstone MotoGP race, Silverstone Circuit 2016


The race is coming to an end

Riders in all classes are doing their best to win. MotoGP Silverstone weekend this year is mixed with wet free practice day and dry race day. That combination doesn’t promise expected results but this time my favourite rider is doing great job!


moto2 straight, Silverstone race
Moto2 racers on straight during the Silverstone 2016 race.
MotoGP Silverstone, CHEQUERED FLAG
Chequered flag at Silverstone Moto2 free practice


Chequered flag is finally showed so I am happy that Valentino Rossi got 3rd place. Could be better? Maybe yes but if you imagine how difficult this sport is and how great drivers these guys are, you can understand that it is one of the hardest jobs in the world. I still think this wheelie is especially for us 🙂

Valentino Rossi wheelie, Silverstone race track
Valentino Rossi’s while wheeleing, Silverstone 2016


Marlena with old Zeiss 6×9 camera

My love, Marlena took me a few shots using her new (sic!) camera with 120 type negative film. I hope we’ll develop it soon and I’ll put here pictures she took. I know those pictures will be great!

girlfriend portrait, old 6x9 camera
Old Zeiss 6×9 camera used on Silverstone MotoGP race.

Trip | National History Museum

Visit in National History Museum

is one of “do’s” each traveler must have in its CV while visiting London – Going there wasn’t planned as very interesting bullet on my list however I always want to see all those collected dinosaur sculptress from around the world. As I do not consider myself as a traveller but… it’s always worth to gain some knowledge from areas I don’t feel very well…


Immediately after entrance I am welcomed by giant sculpture of an ancient dinosaur which size is literally overwhelming! It head is half-human size and its potential weight had to be enormous!

dinosaur picture, trip to National History Museum, visit in National History Museum
Dinosaur’s sculpture in National History Museum, London.
Human standing

next to dinosaur is very small and immediately I knew that if there would live today, humans wouldn’t be able to compete with them. Many their sculptures were found around the world and I like to see more of them but if this is possible?… I’ve noticed that their one leg length was much longer then middle-heigh man.


dinosaur's head, visit to National Museum, trip to National History Museum
Visitor below the dinosaur’s head.


During the trip

to National History Museum I’ve noticed, that dinosaur’s tail was more than 10 meters in length. It was used for stabilising its body movement during walk or run. Tail visible from the side is incredibly long and massive. This can be noticed while standing next to the such gigantic posture.


dinosaur's tail, visit in National History Museum
Dinosaur’s tail. National History Museum in London.
Access to those sculptures

isn’t fenced too strongly and visitors can see all details and enjoy seeing animals tail-ends which lived between 230 and 65 million years ago. Comparing to this, the human’s era is very young. We rule the Earth just for circa 200 000 years…


dinosaur's leg, visit in National History Museum
Leg of dinosaur standing in NHM London.
Dinosaurs’ skulls are very big and strong.

Those animals were able to hunt on other animals and were very good in it. Who knows how/if we would appear on the Earth if we weren’t be “supported” by the collision with the asteroid 65 millions years ago. This is not so obvious but thankfully it happened to them and not to us.

dinosaur's skull, visit in national history museum
Skull of dinosaur. NHM, London.
Visit to Natural History Museum is

a good occasion to experience things which normally I wouldn’t be able to see. Many visitors are amazed seeing old tail-ends and that’s good occasion to tense our imagination.

dinosaur's picture, visit in National History Museum, trip to National History Museum
Picture of visitors in National History Museum, London.


All of this we know today, we owe to Karol Darwin

who did a great job. All we know who that man was, and his statue which located inside the main hall, you can see below.


Karol Darwin's picture, visit in national history museum, trip to National History Museum
Karol Darwin’s statue in NHM, London.

Visit in National History Museum was a nice experience and I am happy I took those pictures which will reminds me where we are and also that we aren’t the first here…

Steel monuments in Holland Park – Metal architecture

Steel monuments in Holland Park, London.

There are places where everyone can touch clean steel architecture or as I prefer to say, metal art. Strictly saying, things which are as big as you can’t put them into your backyard, unless  your girlfriend or wife won’t start to screaming. Fortunately those arts aren’t hidden in the galleries only, but are easily accessible.

Steel architecture, steel monument, monumentsHolland Park
Steel monument in Holland Park, London.

This kind of architecture thankfully can surround you if you want and the only what left, is to get rid of it. Colours of this elements can vary depending on the material those have been built of. I like these colours which reminds me my old friend – the baryte paper. Recently I have rebuilt my own darkroom with my great Durst Laborator L900 and with my girlfriend Marlena we’ll spend there hours trying to achieve at least part of this what Ansel Adams did!

Steel architecture, steel monument, monumentsHolland Park
Steel monument in Holland Park, London.

… One of them reminds me old type of gramophones which are not visible these days. Would be great to listen their “music” somehow but of course that’s not possible at all. I recommend to purchase even old gramophone and some old vinyls (old only!) and immerse into sounds working with your own pictures. Glass of Porto wine strongly recommended, though.



Those elements are so heavy… Such elements in real live, were used in heavy industry for years. At present they’ve got their second life enjoying us. Steel in its nature is always cold in touch so in warm days as we’re recently experiencing here, is a good option.

Steel architecture, steel monument, monumentsHolland Park
Steel monument in Holland Park, London.


Some of them were in use in big vessels through the world for years. They’ve got their stories which unfortunately can’t tell us. That’s a shame but there a space for our imagination.

That’s interesting where this piece of metal was for last 30 years….

Steel architecture, steel monument, monumentsHolland Park
Steel monument in Holland Park, London.

Marathon|London 2016

On 24 of April ’16, Marathon in London is carrying out.

Marathon is performed every year in London. Many sportsmen participating struggling to win. The marathon itlself is very a difficult task. Only people who tried to run a longer distance are able to understand that.

Marathon in London
Runner next to the Buckingham Palace during Marathon in Britain.
Runner struggling in London's Marathon 2016
Runner in the finish line during marathon in the British capital 2016.
Runner in Marathon 2016.
Runner struggling in London’s Marathon 2016

Here is very crowdy on the streets, and many spectators tries to watch this event while lots of sportsmen do their best to win but as always, it’s a challenge.

Spectators are watching the show on the streets as the weather is pretty good. They’re gathered everywhere even sits on Victoria’s monument!

Spectators watching runners during marathon, London 2016
Spectator watching marathon live.

The number of gathered spectators is huge but no one should have a feeling being packed and all things are professionally coordinated. I would say, that even for photographers a few good places are available. The weather is nice and sun is operating beautifully trough the whole event.

Crowds gathered in Buckingham Palace watching marathon in capital, London 2016.
Spectator watching Virgin Media marathon live. London 2016
Spectator with his nationality flag
Spectator watching marathon live.

The whole marathon is finishing next to Buckingham Palace where professional medical help is awaiting – just in case as sportsmen are really exhausted. It’s great that so many of them despite their extreme effort put onto marathon and are still able  to put smiles on their faces.

Runners just after finish of marathon.
Marathon runners resting just after finishing. London 2016


Runners have long to way to go, so they are supported by very well organized support teams. Supporters received needed liquids and medicaments which helped them to get rest quicker after this incredible effort.

Supporting teams.
Supporting team during marathon – London 2016


and finally the WINNERS!

Below you can see some sportsmen faces which for those who are more familiar with this discpiline will tell who those guys are.

Unfortunately one runner had a heart disease and due the complications died afterwards. Our thoughts are with his family…


Marathon winners
Happy winners of the London’s Marathon. London 2016

Boat Race Oxford vs Cambridge

26 March – Boat Race

Today took place Cancer Research Boat Race where Cambridge vs Oxford universities tried to compete. To be honest, weather was at least tricky. There was sunny but 15 minutes later it started to rain. The audience was great. Most of the people I met supported Cambridge…

The race has been started in 1829 and 1927 (men & women respectively) and is one of the oldest sports competitions in the world. Seen from bridges and both sides of the river Thames….and by millions via television transmission.

The results:

Men race – today Cambridge win!

Oxford 79 – Cambridge 82

Women Race – Today Oxford win!

Oxford 30 – Cambridge 41

Women boat race Oxford, Cambridge, dragon boat racing, dragon boat race, dragon racing, dragon boat races, dragon race, dragon races, corporate dragon boat racing, which dragon for which race, chinese dragon boat racing
Cancer Boat Race,. Oxford vs Cambridge
Women boat race Oxford, Cambridge, dragon boat racing, dragon boat
Women cancer research boat race Oxford vs Cambridge taken from Hammersmith Bridge.
Women boat race Oxford, Cambridge, dragon boat racing, dragon boat, BOAT RACE OXFORD VS CAMBRIDGE
Boats towards Hammersmith Bridge

Ukrainian protest

21 March – Pictures of protest in the front of the Russian embassy in London

…against Russian court verdict which charged Nadiya Savchenko – charged over the death of two Russian journalists.

Russian embassy, Ukrainian protest, russian consulate, russian consulate visa, protests
Protest against Russian court verdict in N. Savchenko case in London.
Russian embassy, Ukrainian protest, russian consulate, russian consulate visa, protests
Protestors in the from of the Russian embassy in London 21/03/2016.

Stolen pictures

23 February 2016

it happened…

This morning I’ve noticed that 4 pictures have been stolen from my outside gallery. As once someone said: “that’s good if your work someone copies or tries to steal…”

Funny thing 😉

18 February – Preparation for and exhibition

First attempts with the layout. Difficult thing to put material in proper order from visual point of view.

exhibition, pictures exhibition, preparation of pictures
Preparation for na exhibition

My 40’s!

August 2015 – My 40’s!


It happened – I’m 40 and I like it. My girlfriend Marlena gave a balloon trip which was very nice! More pictures you can find in  Events section.

birthday wishes, birthday present ideas, ideas for birthday present, ballooning, balloon flying, birthday gift
Ballon is starting