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Apples in our garden

I’ve been pretty quiet recently. This is because of the amount of work… Hopefully soon I’ll have more time to focus on my website.

Apples in the garden especially during the autumn period look so beautifully. Those changes colours and with the good light, look stunning! We keep them for birds – mainly blue birds love them so much. I for instance, I like their black spots. On the pictures spots add up something more. I see them as a part of an art, done by the nature.

Actually, I’m working on a project – portraits of very interesting people. I’m not going to share details as yet, but keep your ears tuned for news.

Sometime soon I’m going to publish some more pictures from my darkroom. I recently recreated darkroom in my new house, so it’s been exiting period! On the other hand it is never ending story – putting stuff, moving things, tests and then again… I want to change it back like it was before 😉

If anyone of you has an instruction for a darkroom timer Hauck TCM 80 (model with the buttons), I’ll appreciate for a link or a copy! I bought one from MrCad store but I would like to know how to use it. It has some more functions which I don’t know how to use, so thanks a lot for any advise.

Printing in a darkroom

How to print in a darkroom

This I’ll learn from my friend Roy, who is a darkroom printer from London. Working with Roy, I can learn tons of things which I wouldn’t be able to learn from books, conversations with other amateurs, internet articles or blogs. This is amazing to me and also it is great addition to our friendship! We’ll be working together on materials which I hope we will be able to produce to the highest level. Where sparkling highlights will be signing and shadows will be warm and full of details.

Focomat IIc and De Vere 705 enalrger, darkroom printing
Focomat IIc and De Vere 705 enalrgers.

Last Saturday we’ve been printing for our first client – Janie

who brought her old and never printed negative film. This film has been sitting in a drawer for around 50 years. On that day it has been for the first time, put into Roy’s De Vere 705s enlarger. As a matter of learning we’ve been learning how to properly get good contrast keeping details in shadows and clean fully detailed highlights. Roy showed me how to properly dodge the print. I think I need to exercise on this as my dodging is really poor… I’ve never been good on that so I always wanted to avoid this but it looks like my time has come… :D. I need to get down on it and finally learn how to do this properly.

Roy’s darkroom

is the most unusual in the world… I had a great pleasure to be able to print and feel the mood being there with all those warm lights turned on. Roy with his enormous engagement was helping me with all those small details. He’s ready to repeat the same things five times unless I understand the layout, process and how Roy has been doing this for many many years. This is hard to describe what amount of knowledge he is giving to me. All those small details like agitation, temperature of my chemistry and workflow direction. Combining all those bits and pieces makes me so “rich” in this matter.

Idea to create it like that

This is not a secret that my darkroom has been inspired by his own. I have tried to create my own place very comfortable and inspiring. Being in my darkroom is real pleasure making pictures. Mine doesn’t resemble cool and white laboratory. It is warm and calm place where classic music sounds gently. There are no noisy and distracting cooling fans. Slight smell of chemistry surrounds me from everywhere.

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Hyde Park Corner never sleeps

Hyde Park Corner

We have new year but this part of British capital is very lively, as usual. This time I’m with a man which speech is about Jesus and his role in our lives and current world.

Indeed it’s hard to not agree with him and his ideas. He is very active in his approach how to persuade to others his opinions.


hyde park corner speech
Hyde Park Corner speech, London n2017

Please don’t think

…he doesn’t know what he’s talking about! That man is every good observer and he also advised to me, what Jesus thinks about photography. Please don’t think, I’m mocking up from him but I really appreciate his open-minded approach to the surrounding world.

From visual point of view, that man is interesting but also his personality makes this town very colourful. I don’t have to agree with all his opinions but I do not judge his opinions as well. That’s one and only place in the world where everyone can perform a speech about anything he/she wants.



hyde park corner speech
Speech at Hyde Park Corner, London 2017

Hyde Park Corner Speaker

…is very lively man. He tries to persuade all his opinions to everyone who came to this place tempted by the gathered crowd.


Summing up, if you’re looking for some kind of relax and you’re eager to listen different opinions feel free to come and listen or even discuss with those guys. I personally really appreciate that I can do that as I’ve been reading about this place for years and now on….I can come here.



Hyde Park speaker
Conversation between speaker and listener, Hyde Park 2017, London

Holidays in Wales | summer 2016

Our holidays in Wales this summer

were impressively wet…though we tried to have great fun! Through the first week were raining…all the time. We haven’t had any chance to not be soaked completely while we were outside.

First idea – we go to Clevedon and then to Tywyn. The plan was simple – to spend some time in a quiet village near the sea to relax after months of work, noise generated by lorries outside and ambulance’s siren. It easier to say than did.

Holidays in Wales, Tywyn coast
A couple watching the coast. Tywyn, Wales.


Great pier in Clevedon

Fortunately we have had great view on a below pier, which in these circumstances was a big advantage comparing to this was was pouring from the the sky…

Holidays in Wales, pier in Clevedon
Clevedon and its pier in a wet day.

Unfortunately access to this pier was locked down due it was a private area. The rest of the evening we had to spent in a local pub. Not too bad, though… 🙂


Next stop – prison…Bridgewell Prison Hotel

Yeah, that’s truth. We had to go to prison – for two nights only 🙂 In Liverpool there’s a converted prison onto “luxury” hotel. It’s not luxury but it is clean and nice. Especially the staff which was very friendly and really helpful. More information you can find here but apart of anything was written it’s worth to spend a night or two to feel how is to be locked and to figure out that’s in not worth to do anything stupid to be locked there in real life.


Holidays in Wales, Bridgewell prison hotel
Swans in Kensington Gardens

We of course took all needed measures 🙂 Below picture shows what welcomes you immediately after entering to the prison (or maybe to a hotel?). Rooms are very small and surrounding room has been converted into bathroom. Even though it is very, very small area and as a hotel it does the job but if you imagine yourself locked there for 5, 10 or 15 years it’s hard to believe you can live there, really.

Holidays in Wales, Bridgewell prison hotel
Bridgewell Prison Hotel, Liverpool.


holidays in Wales, Bridgewell Prison Hotel
Window in a Bridgewell Prison Hotel


holidays in Wales, Bridgewell Prison Hotel
A “prisoner” in a Bridgewell Prison Hotel

That’s all about it but more pictures you can find here. Feel free to put your comments below.

For a weekend to Brighton

Weekend in Brighton

weekend to Brighton
Terns in Brighton’s pier

I am for a long weekend in Brighton. I am welcomed by two terns which are accompanying me trough the whole staying here. Perfect weather and lack of duties makes me smile. 🙂



Fun fair on the pier…

Good weekend must be full of fun. Here for instance, on carousel which is a bit weird as those “boxes” are moving in all directions! It’s too crazy for me, really… 🙂

weekend in Brighton
Fun fair, Brighton


The main things happens on a pier!

The pier in Brighton is most important for sure. All things happens here. You can find a fun fair for instance. I have never seen such things anywhere before. We’ve been spending here great time and many people experienced the same things.

weekend in Brighton, Fun fair Brighton
Fun fair Brighton



Brighton Pier

I have a feeling apart of the beach, this is most important element in this small touristic town. The whole holiday life happens here.

weekend in Brighton, Brighton pier
Pier in Brighton – echo of pier in glass.



Motorboat visible from the pier…

weekend in Brighton, motorboat in Brighton
Motorboat visible from the pier.

…and a cow! (artificial of course)

weekend in Brighton, fun fair Brighton
Artificial Cow on Brighton’s pier


View on the beach

The town from a short distance looks nice. Many terns are flying constantly around making the view even more interesting. This is the hottest place in Britain. Travel time from London shouldn’t exceed 2hrs by train. In the car it took less than 1,5h.

weekend in Brighton, coast in Brighton, pogrobowców brighton
Coast in Brighton



weekend in Brighton, surfing in Brighton
Surfer in the water


Terns in the water

Many birds we met during our visit. Weekend in Brighton fulfils photographic expectations from this place. The only thing which I will be missing is time…

weekend in Brighton, terns in the water
Terns in the water in Brighton


Sitting on a pier

Having opened eyes I can take lots of good pictures. Some might be slightly similar to the postcards 😉 but even thoughvI like this picture.

weekend in Brighton, sitting in lawn chair
People sitting in lawn chair on a pier


Lawn chair

…and the last one from this weekend on the beach. Nothing has been posed and these kind of real material I like most.

weekend in Brighton, lawn chair on the beach
Lawn chair on the Brighton’s beach

For sure we’ll come back here many times. Due the the whole island is surrounded by the water I expect many even more interesting places.


Will keep you posted!


Brexit 2016 in pictures I London

Brexit 2016 in London

Brexit referendum takes place on 23 June and it is very important day in a British history. Today UK citizens will decide whether to remain within EU or they will vote for Brexit. Soon after 10:00pm local time pools stations will be closed and teams will start counting votes. Till today, all about Brexit referendum was happening in TV, newspapers and on the streets.

Brexit campaigners, Brexit poster, Brexit 2016 in pictures, Brexit referendum
Brexit campaigners on London’s streets. 22 June 2016, London.


Britons today decides

whether they want to stay with known rules created in cooperation with UK and other EU members in Brussel. If majority will decide to leave, would that mean UK will get off the European train? If so, what then about the economy and further internal country’s development?


Brexit in UK, woman reading newspaper, train station, train, Brexit 2016 in pictures, Brexit referendum
Woman reading newspaper – Brexit 23 June 2016


British as well as foreigners

deliberate how Britain will look like in coming future. If Brexit will happen that would mean slower economy? On the other hand, Brexit doesn’t change main negotiation points which have been agreed in 2015. Most important bullet was immigration which still exceeds 300 000 people netto, every year.


Brexit article, Brexit referendum, Brexit in pictures
Women reading article about Brexit in UK. 22 June 2016, London.


Other EU members

along with British citizens which opt for remain within EU, try to engage others by persuading them why leaving is not an option. Some British accept this but some still are not eager to change their minds.

Brexit 2016 in pictures, Brexit referendum, Brexit sticker, I'm in Brexit
Brexit sticker “I’m in” promoting to remain within EU, 22 June 2013. London


British citizens not only in UK but also those who belongs to the commonwealth community, have right to vote. Irish from Northern Ireland along with Gibraltar’s citizens are eligible to vote. Strangely, other EU citizens who live in UK even for 30 years, do not have right to vote despite this decision has direct impact to them…


Brexit 2016 in pictures, Brexit referendum, Brexit in newspapers
Abandoned Metro newspaper on Finsbury Park train station, 23 June 2016, London


British and the rest of the 27 EU members will have to await for confirmed and an official results. Till then first results will spill over the Internet soon after 22:00 local time.


The things is

that main supporters of Brexit have disappeared from the cabinets. Will they take responsibility for this what they did??

Brexit in pictures, Ningel Farage
Newspaper with Ningel Farage’s picture, London.


Below marks on the picture of David Cameron says all what Londoners think about Brexit….

Brexit in pictures, David Cameron
Picture of David Cameron, London June 2016

Tattoos | rings

Tattoos and rings

Yesterday while sitting in one of Soho’s pubs I met Alexa O’Brien – her tattoos and rings on fingers intrigued me. She worn great silver rings on both hands and those both elements were totally worth of taking picture! We have spoken a while and she agreed me to take some portraits.

Woman with tattoos and rings
Silver rings

She really has natural skills to pose as a professional model. I tried to show her tattoos and rings. I like this kind of rings, which combined with the tattooed hands made a great composition. Tattoo designs used here are great composed along with the silver rings.


Woman with tattoos, rings
Silver rings

Alexa’s face is very interesting and I think, smoking made her look a bit more serious, in a good meaning of that word. I like her sight which comes somewhere far away from place we were… Light is very good and softly illuminate the whole face.


Alexa O'Brien with cigarette

I think we did a good job. Below picture ensures me I am right. I like to work like yesterday, as this gives great results. We haven’t planned in advance and all pictures were very spontaneous. I hope Alexa thinks exactly the same.


Woman with tattooed fingers
Woman with tattoos

I like this picture as this is something like summary of this 20 minutes of work.

Tastes of London

London’s taste

means to see some not ordinary and interesting things which can be seen by a bit more sensitive people.

tastes of London, red buses
Buses waiting during London’s Marathon 2016

Red buses (double-decker) are very famous but can be very interesting as well. Those colours are similar to the colours of fire station brigade.

Communing here is the one of the most important things. Sometimes this can be a pleasure because you can finally find time to read a book. 
Sometimes it is a terrible experience as at least a few of lines have problems... This happens at least once a week.


tastes of London
Commuters in London’s tube


The walking is a different story! You can come to Holland Park where you can play chess (if you know this game!). I prefer to take some pictures 😉 Unfortunately I can’t tell you who has won below gameplay, but let’s say the better one!


tastes of London, chess game
Two youngsters plays chess in Kensington Garden, London.


There’s a Kyoto Park which I really like. There’s also lots of animals (even peacocks) which makes this place pretty interesting. Below waterfalls I took in very late evening – almost on sunshine. Longer exposition time made this picture. Perceptive eye will find there even two fishes 🙂

tastes of London, waterfalls Kyoto Park
Waterfalls in Kyoto Park, Holland Park, London.

London | Tube

London’s Tube is very lively place in the town

There’s nothing usually the same … each day is different in London’s Tube… You can meet here many people and many things can happen. Some people do are able to make some exercises. Some even do jogging! This is nice as those, really feel comfortably and just live!

London tube
Woman running in London’s Tube.


I like people reading newspapers

because they forgetting about other commuters and start to behave naturally. But each person is different and I really like it! I am a good observer I think, and  very often I am trying to catch something what other missed.


Tube in London
Man reading newspaper. 19 April 2016, London

Thankfully London Tube’s architects implemented those nice mirrors in which I am taking some pictures. I will try many times yet until will I’ll catch that best one, but that one below I really like. In Tube light is rather difficult for photography but everything is possible. I am using available light to catch something interesting.

London tube - woman in mirror
Woman visible in the metro’s mirror – London’s tube. 19 April 2016. London


I need to spend more time in London Tube to get more familiar with its possibilities and to discover something more as I think this is not explored cave!