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New prints from my darkroom

So, again I went into darkroom

to make new prints from my darkroom.As you know, after lessons at Adrian’s workshop I’ve learned a lot of new useful ‘tricks’ which helps with obtaining good results. Of course, most important is rather this what is on the picture and not the print itself but I think I have this what’s interesting to me so I’m in good place! It is hard to scan on home scanner prints with good enough quality to show you how those look like in reality but even though, if you’re slightly more experienced than new-comer into darkroom world, you’ll catch what I’m talking about. I have definitely improved my skills I think.

Sunflowers on the garden table.; sunflowers; Kodak tri-x 400; fine art darkroom print; new prints
Sunflowers on the garden table. Aug. 2018


Some of my new prints I’m trying to ‘modify’ by burning particular areas to obtain specific effect. Not always it is easy and I can’t say I’ve managed to obtain this what I needed. In this occasion I tried to simulate that old boat/ship is emerging from the DARKNESS, but this what I’m getting isn’t quite this what I need. See below….


Old boat in Maryport; wooden boat; old ship; Kodak try-x 400; fine art print; darkroom print, new prints
Old boat in Maryport in north England. July 2018.

I like the colour of Ilford Galerie paper and its contrast. I have learned from Adrian that having good quality water, I don’t have bother with Kodak Photo-Flo! I caused sometimes some problems whilst prints were drying. Once are dry, on a surface were visible strange stains… It happens occasionally completely out of control so it is hard to narrow down what’s causing it. Now I know! It was Photo-Flo. I still use it with negatives though.


Next time will be better and now, enjoy seeing pictures in the below gallery – some of them have been printed earlier.

[ngg_images source=”galleries” container_ids=”13″ exclusions=”132,140″ display_type=”photocrati-nextgen_basic_slideshow” gallery_width=”2000″ gallery_height=”2000″ cycle_effect=”fade” cycle_interval=”4″ show_thumbnail_link=”1″ thumbnail_link_text=”[Show thumbnails]” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]

Darkroom workshop | Adrian Ensor

Darkroom workshop with Adrian Ensor

Recently my girlfriend announced me that for my birthday gift she prepared something special! Of course it didn’t take me long to pull out what’s that from her 🙂 It turned out it was a workshop with one of the greatest darkroom printers and also great photographers, I mean with Adrian Ensor here in London! You can image how happy I was. I’ve been waiting long two weeks for that day. I knew I had just 8hrs to learn as much as I can during this time. Obviously I need to prepare questions to outstanding things which no one else was able to give an answer. I thought to myself that it is great occasion to learn lots of things which I’ve never been good with. 

My list consisted:

  • Better dogging and burning
  • How to better control contrast
  • Flattening the final prints 
  • And all other small details which by observation I can learn

Finally that day came!

We’ve arrived at agreed 10AM on Saturday 4th of August. Adrian has been waiting for us already. We drank a cup of coffee and we’ve been talking about the plan for a day, ideas and of course we were looking on my pictures which I brought along with me.


Darkroom workshop, Adrian Ensor
Darkroom workshop with Adrian Ensor

My negatives are pretty good as I’m following my friend, Roy Snell, who advised me how to develop them properly. Negatives are well developed but these are developed in my own way to have many details in lights and shadows. It requires though, to use higher paper gradation.

Adrian instead suggested me to use stronger dilution of developer to have more contrast on them and for my needs it should be easier to print. I agree with both masters (Roy and Adrian) and I think I could treat them as two separate solutions for particular photographic ways of making final prints.

Here we are looking on my prints which are still wet but by putting them next to each other we can better asses situation and find out what else need to be changed to improve them.

Darkroom workshop
Slawek and Adrian Ensor during workshop.


Here is the final print

Portrait taken by me. Light was very bad (my mistake) but Adrian and I, we’ve done great job and portrait looks great! Grade 5 and some dodging helped!

Darkroom workshop; Adrian Ensor
Final print.


Here is the summary and my book signed by Adrian!

I’m really happy having it signed as I did learn a lot from it. I know I’ll be getting far much more from it in the coming years as I’ll be coming back to it to rejuvenate my skills and improve my prints. 

darkroom workshop with Adrian Ensor, Adrian Ensor
Slawek and Adrian Ensor with signed book for me.


It was great day! But it is not the end of a journey, I’ll be visiting Adrian frequently and we’ll be talking about photography and many other things too. Adrian did lend me great biography of Bill Brandt (btw. I lived next to the block in Kensington for two years where Bill Brandt used to live).

Holland Park London

Holland Park Notting Hill, Relaxing in the park, wooden trunks – among trees will make you happy. Kyoto Garden is here!

Holland Park in Notting Hill is one of the best places in this area to spend your free time.
Partridge birds, pigeons and many more birds and squirrels –  all these animals you can find there along with at least a few places where you can relax reading book or drinking coffee. Many people come here to very slowly flow trough the footpaths with their kids and dogs. Some play football but a few steps away you can find charming Kyoto Garden with small sort of river. Everywhere in the Park you feel very secure as even small Police patrol is visible to avoid any problems before those occur. Really great place to come and all people know they should behave quietly. Some photos you can find below to show that not only ordinary places and things are here. Some wooden elements and animals this time 😉

So, please consider to come and more information along with Google Maps you can find here.



Relaxing in the park among trees and wooden trunks will make you happy.  You can spend nice time with your kids. Kyoto Garden is here! But pictures I will put a bit later…

black bird, holland park london, london holland park,
Small blackbird sitting on a tree.
wooden benches, wooden storage bench, women bench, Holland Park London,
Marlena on a wooden bench in Holland Park London

Wooden trunk, stubs

– you can find them here nicely lying on the ground…

Holland Park London, stub, trunk,
Wooden trunk in a Holland Park London

…their colours

are really nice and after rain when wood is sinked and wet those colours are even more intensive.

Holland Park London, stub, trunk,
Wooden trunk in a Holland Park London

Conversion to Black and white

pulls out of them more interesting details. Those stubs makes this picture interesting as they have many small details. If you can see them on good monitor you can appreciate their colour and mentioned details. I hope you’ll like them as I do.

Wooden trunk, stub, wooden stub
Wooden trunks in Holland Park London

Marlenka’s portraits

Marlenka’s portraits
This morning we we’ve been working in the park trying to take some good portraits of Marlena despite of the wet weather. Finding good location and a light, turned out a slightly difficult task. We decided to not give up so we’ve spent some time trying to figure out where and how to make some photographs.

As sun has been moving higher and higher…

Portraits, portrait, picture of woman, model's portraits, outdoor portrait photography, portrait photographers
Marlena’s portraits in the park.

Marlenka’s portrait’s

This portrait is my best. I like it because of Marlena’s sight. She’s so focused which makes this picture so energetic. As taking of model’s pictures or portraits isn’t easy task the one taken to the person you know very well sometimes is more difficult than that one taken of strangers.

Portraits, portrait, picture of woman, model's portraits, outdoor portrait photography, portrait photographers
Marlena’s portraits in the park.


Pictures in the park – If you’ve found them interesting feel free to share them with your friends.

Blog – 2016

26 March – Boat Race

Today took place Cancer Research Boat Race where Cambridge vs Oxford universities tried to compete. To be honest, weather was at least tricky. There was sunny but 15 minutes later it started to rain. The audience was great. Most of the people I met supported Cambridge…

The race has been started in 1829 and 1927 (men & women respectively) and is one of the oldest sports competitions in the world. Seen from bridges and both sides of the river Thames….and by millions via television transmission.

The results:

Men race – today Cambridge win!

Oxford 79 – Cambridge 82


Women Race – Today Oxford win!

Oxford 30 – Cambridge 41

Women boat race Oxford, Cambridge
Taken from Hammersmith Bridge.
Women boats race Oxford, Cambridge
Women boat race
Women cancer research boat race Oxford, Cambridge
Taken from Hammersmith Bridge.
Women cancer research boats race Oxford, Cambridge
Boats towards Hammersmith Bridge

26 March – Chelsea Fire Station

This is Chelsea Fire Station brigade location. This is their office. Great looking building and surrounding building makes this place very special from visual point of view.

Fire Station King's Road pictures
Fire station at King’s Road in London.

26 March – Blurry man

Today is blurry and rather grey day so this colour picture will describe a bit who weather looks like and we fell.

Walking man pictures
Kensington High Street in a blurry and grey day

21 March – Pictures of protest in the front of the Russian embassy in London

…against Russian court verdict which charged Nadiya Savchenko – charged over the death of two Russian journalists.

Current affairs - Ukrainian protest pictures
Protest against Russian court verdict in N. Savchenko case.
Protest against Russian court verdict. Current affairs pictures
Protest against Russian court verdict in N. Savchenko case.
Current affairs - Ukrainian protest. 21/03/2016
Protestors in the from of the Russian embassy in London

20 March – A guy with contrabass

Today we’ve met a man with such great contrabass. This instrument is indeed bigger that that man! Great finished without any polish looked impressively.

Man with big contrabass pictures
Notting Hill, March 2016, London

19 March – Old church & cemetry

Old church pictures on blog
Old church captured in London near to Kensington High Street.
Very old cemetry close to Kensington High Street pictures, March 2016, London
Very old cemetery close to Kensington High Street picture, March 2016, London


13 March – Kids in a queue

London eye gathers lots of people every day – older and younger.

Current affairs. Kids in a queue - London Eye.
Kids in a queue to the London Eye


13 March – Tube commuters

In London tube is extremely wide and overwhelming number of commuters use it regularly every day.

Commuters in London's tube. Stairs in tube.
Tube commuters in London

13 March – old church

Picture taken using 39 years old camera…

Picture taken using 39 years old camera on blog.
Picture taken using 39 years old camera

13 March – Pigeons

Pigeons – nice contrast around them.

Playing with contrast – pigeons

12 March – Nice Guys from Sweden

I met three guys from Sweden. I suppose they came to London as a tourists. I took them a few pictures – two of them you can find below as the rest are not ready yet 😉 I will publish them in coming few days!

Thank you fellas!

Blog - pictures of guys from Sweden in a Kensington Gardens.
Guys from Sweden
Pictures of Guys from Sweden sitting in Kensington Gardens.
Guys from Sweden


Blog - Pictures of Guy from Sweden sitting in Kensington Gardens. London, March 2016
Relaxing in Kensington Gardens. London, March 2016
Blog - Pictures of nice guys from Sweden sitting in Kensington Gardens. London, March 2016
Sitting in Kensington Gardens. London, March 2016


Blog - Guys from Sweden in the Kensington Gardens

12 March – The Boxer

This morning I met two nice guys performing boxing training in Kensington Gardens – more pictures.

Pictures of a Boxer in Kensington Gardens.
The Boxer
Pictures of Boxing training - blog
Boxing training

10 March – Rain

Rain again this time. Here’s no day without a rain… Hopefully spring is coming (I hope!).

Pictures of man on the street in rain
Man on the street
Blog - Man with umbrella in picture
Man with umbrella


Blog - Pictures of rain & echo in the glass
Rain & echo in glass

09 March – Blurry day and abandoned flowers

Today weather isn’t good here. Is rather cold and wet. This is good weather for picture lovers which I am. Below something from today – flowers which were thrown out and then picked up by a street cleaner… What can be better? Second life for them, isn’t it? Maybe even better, I think.


Blog - pictures of abandoned flowers
Thrown out flowers

05 March – Old Cadillac, building and something for cyclists

Today was very good photographic day. I have took some good (I hope) pictures and one of them you can find below. The rest of them I will put into Galleries soon. This car I’ve found in the London’s City. The car was parked behind the fence and seemed (thankfully) to be not “forgotten” which is great and I like when people use such machines on daily basis, really.


Blog - pictures of an old Cadillac
Old Cadillac in London’s City behind the fence.

I also like different view of ordinary elements of surroundings. This time I’ve just moved my head up and bum! I saw this below….

Blog - picture of building and tree
Tree and buildings. Composition made by itself.

…and last picture today – my favourite one. I like this contrast and elements combined together. If you too just share it with your friends.

Blog - pictures of contrast & signs on the streets
Signs on painted on the streets.


26 February – Horse

I met this horse this morning. It is somehow interesting to me – those horses are so calm…

Blog - The picture of a black horse
The black horse


25 February – We’ve seen such great place today

This was taken in Chelsea. Great light made that photo.


Blog - Picture of walking man on the pavement.
Walking man on a footpath.


25 February – The Photographer’s Gallery in London

Today we have visited this gallery to see some pictures Saul Leiter and Rosangela Renno in London based gallery. Peter’s pictures were good… but presentation of diapositives of Rosangela’s work work was amazingly prepared. Take a look here to see what I mean.

Here is only one picture of what we’ve seen there…

Blog - Pictures of an old Leitz Projector
Old Leitz Projector

23 February – it happened…

This morning I’ve noticed that 4 pictures have been stolen from my outside gallery. As once someone said: “that’s good if your work someone copies or tries to steal…”

Funny thing 😉

18 February – Preparation for and exhibition

First attempts with the layout. Difficult thing to put material in proper order from visual point of view.

Current affairs: Preparation pictures for na exhibition
Preparation for na exhibition

13 February – Old buildings in Notting Hill

In Notting Hill are many interesting places. You can find here an old buildings but also other kind of old buildings which are rather regular blocks and might not be so “fancy” as previous ones. But are still interesting is some respects….The key to find them interesting is point of view!
Blog - street lamps in Notting Hill, London.
Street lamps in Notting Hill.
  Portobello Road

February – Saturday’s cooking

Portobello Road is famous not only from its market of historic things available for selling but also from its wide cuisins which came here with immigrants from many countries. This makes this place much more valuable than typical markets because this is one of the most cosmopolitan place in London.
Blog - Pictures of cooking on Portobello market.
Portobello Market – cooking
Blog - pictures of smashing sausages on Portobello Market.
Sausages smashing on Portobello Market.

February – The wall

Every town, especially capitals, have its own busy venues where many people are coming. Portobello Road is among many in London.

Blog - Pictures whole in the wall.
The pictures of whole in the wall on Portobello Road in London.

February – Some blossoms

Blog - pictures of Crocus flower.
Crocus among grass in Kensington Gardens.
Blog - Pictures of Primrose in Kensington Gardens.
Primrose along with grass i Kensington Gardens in London.
Blog Daffodil and grass in Kensington Gardens.
Daffodil in Kensington Gardens in London.
Blog, pictures of Magnolia.
Magnolia on Bayswater, London.

February – Vinyl bookshelf

This is my Valentine’s gift which was given to me by my girlfriend. She made especially for me this beautiful vinyl bookshelf which will act also as a TV unit but just until I…..will fulfil this whole area in the bottom by vinyls 🙂 It won’t take long I think. More pictures you can find here.
Thank you Marlenka!
Blog - pictures of vinyl bookshelf.
Freshly finished vinyl bookshelf.

02 February – One day in London

Pictures of two-lens camera.
Two-lens camera START.
Blog - picture of Marlena on Portobello Road.
Marlena on Portobello Road.
Blog - picture of the Oxford Street
Oxford Street
Blog Kensington Gardens - Spaniards playing football
Kensington Gardens – Spaniards playing football
Blog - pictures of motorcycle on Oxford Street
Oxford Street

02 February – Echo

Blog - picture of Marlena as echo in glass.
Echo in glass

February – Colors…

Blog - picture of Pigeons on Kensington High Street.

February – Streets & buildings

Blog, pictures of an interesting old woman sitting in Mc Donald.
Interesting woman
Blog, pictures of playing with colours.
Playing with colours

February – Dogs are everywhere

We’ve met this crazy dog this morning.

Blog, pictures of Labradorite on a walk.
Labradorite in Notting Hill. London

February – Marlene

Those pictures I’ve taken this morning.

Blog, pictures of Marlena in a vinyl shop
In a vinyl shop portrait of Marlena
Blog, pictures of Marlene
Marlena’s portrait sitting on stairs in corridor in our home

January – river Thames

Blog, pictures on an old ship on Thames river.
Thames river, old ship and bird.
Blog, pictures with an evening view of London's city centre.
Evening view on the London’s city centre.
Blog, pictures of evening view on the river Thames. London.
Evening view
Blog, pictures of my two girls
My two girls….

January – Trip to east London for a Annie Leibowitz’s exhibition

This was great experience to see Annie’s exhibition called “Women” which took place last Saturday. All her pictures were presented in a very old pumping power station (Wapping Hydraulic Power Station) which was built in 1890.  The mood of this place was incredibly proper choose for this kind of pictures.

Blog, pictures during Annie Leibovitz's exhibition in London
Pictures / selfie during Annie Leibovitz’s exhibition in London.

January – Some streets this time 

In London there are so many instructing places… There’s always something to see on the streets. One day I was in one of those small streets.

Blog, pictures of people eating lunch
People eating lunch
Blog, pictures of pipes on London's buildings.
Pipes in London.

28 December (2015) –  This was rather windy day 

Blog, pictures in wind on a bridge
Wind on a bridge
Blog, pictures in wind on a bridge
Wind on a bridge
Blog, pictures during wind on a bridge - another attempt to struggle with it
Wind on a bridge – another attempt to struggle with it

December 2015 – Dog!

I love dogs so I couldn’t to not take this picture 😉

Blog, pictures of dogs in Portobello Road.
As I love dogs…

December 2015 – TAXI

There are such nice places where old cars aren not replaced for new ones which might be even better but they don’t their own soul. Who cares that those new are able to almost drives themselves and can get you home if you don’t love them? This one seemed be still in use.

Blog, pictures of very old TAXI cab on Portobello Road.
Very old TAXI cab

November 2015 – London’s fog

I like this town because British are very nice people but whether here is also very interesting. You can’t be bored even if you’ll try…

Blog, pictures of our view on the fog in Notting Hill Gate.
Our view on the fog in Notting Hill, London

October/November 2015 – Some pictures from Poland yet…

Blog, picture of nice mural taken in central Warsaw
Nice mural taken in central Warsaw
Blog, picture of an old door on Lekarska Street in Warsaw, Poland
Old door on Lekarska Street in Warsaw, Poland
Blog, pictures of claiming roots on Lekarska Street in Warsaw, Poland
Roots claiming on the building on Lekarska Street in Warsaw, Poland
Blog, pictures of train and cars on Grojecka Street in Warsaw, Poland
Train on the Grojecka Street in Warsaw, Poland
Blog, pictures of calming roots on Lekarska Street in Warsaw, Poland
Roots claiming on the building on Lekarska Street in Warsaw, Poland
Blog , pictures of leaf in the fence.
Somewhere in Warsaw, Poland – Leaf
Blog, pictures of an old door on Lekarska Street in Warsaw, Poland
Old door on Lekarska Street in Warsaw, Poland

01 February 2015 – tattooed worker

I’ve met that man in the middle of Polish rather freezing winter. I’ve asked him if I can take a picture of his tattoos. He agreed to that and I have taken 3 photographs.

Blog, pictures of tattooed man
Tattooed man

Middle of 2015 – Last company trip

This was mine last company trip. We were 200km far away Warsaw. We’ve spent there two days on boats, performing some training for managers and drinking beer.

Blog , pictures of boats in the port.
White boat in the port.
Blog - picture of white boat on the lake.
Man on the boat.
Blog, pictures of financial and IT director sitting on the stairs.
My manager Aska and financial director
Blog, white boats and with passengers.
Lake and white boat in Poland.

September 2015 – Birds in Lazienki Park

There are very interesting small birds which will eat grains from your hand if you’re patient enough. My girlfriend Marlena had fun…

Blog, pictures of feeding of birds.
Feeding small birds.
Blog of small bird while landing.
…and landing

September 2015 – Blossoms which we’ve used to prepare a cup of tea

Those blossoms are used to mashing a tea. I din’t know about it until my girlfriend told me and gave one to taste. Was great and this beautiful smelling…

Blog, tasty green plant.
Great and tasty plant.
Blog, picture of black and white plants
Picture of ordinary plants.
Blog - pictures of linden flower.
You can kill me but I won’t guess what name is of this…
Blog, picture of flowers.
…but looks and tastes great

August 2015 – My 40’s ! 

It happened – I’m 40 and I like it. My girlfriend Marlena gave a balloon trip which was very nice! More pictures you can find in  Events section.

Blog - pictures starting balloon.
Ballon is starting

August 2015 – Palace of Culture & Science

The building itself is 237 meters high and is the highest Polish building. On one of the floors has a nice swimming pool and terrace with an impressive view on capital of Poland. The building was a friend’s gift from the eastern border. Not so much liked by Polish.

Blog - pictures of "Palace of Culture & Science"
Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw.

Blog, pictures, cancer research, boats race Cambridge, Oxford, Current affairs.

Blog, pictures, cancer research, boats race Cambridge, Oxford, Current affairs.